Are people appearing in the clouds over NY a glimpse into HEAVEN? Or ANOTHER DIMENSION? 

It’s time according to the Ecumenical Order of Christ.

This  “purely speculative” statement was made by the ‘Imperial Regent’ and Cult Leader Alan Douglas following an article being published in the Daily Express whose online identity has been traced back to wanted Criminal Raymond Howard-Lear whom goes by the name Lord RayEL.

Time for what? 

Archbishop Selena from the Baja based Cult stated … “Knowing him he will be up there waving at us and landing also…to pick us up, down from the clouds”

This refers to the promise that The Returned Christ is going to pick up all those whom follow and are in his service by an Annunaki Spaceship.  This baseless ludicrous claim is warranted because Lord RayEL claims to an Annunaki half breed.   (Christ).

One looks as though he/she is holding up a mobile phone
Here are the ridiculous responses from ‘Clergy’ whom have been busy making contact with heads of state, royalty, the Pope and politicians to accept the failed politician and criminal Raymond Howard-Lear as the Returned Christ and uploading their personal testimonies to You Tube.  It should be noted that many of the Clergy featured below were recently deported from Israel  (June 2016) following a report that the Doomsday Cult was planning mass suicide as Lord RayEL failed to be acknowledged as the Moshiach and turn up for Purim as was prophesied.

These comments are from the cults public Facebook page … Starting with Cardinal …

Ha! True to form Alan Douglas evades the question posed that these images in the clouds could be the Elohim and prefers to mention that trolls will have a field day with this article.  Indeed they will, especially after witnessing the inane comments made by the loony indoctrinated buffoon.

REMEMBER HEAD loony and pervert Alan Douglas states:-

  • That Raymond Lear was infused by an Annunaki spirit 28/1/2011.  UFO Event 2011 (Debunked)
  • 2011 That the pictures of Jesus and Mary on the moon in Delhi were a prophetic sign that Jesus was returning.
  • Dazzathecameraman has taken a look into a claim made Alan Douglas that an astrological “sign” occurred in September/October 2011 which was legitimate proof of Lord RayEL’s birth. Click here.
  • That it is perfectly acceptable to have sexual relations with children as long as it’s consensual.  See Gospel of Angelus Domini.  (Many of the clergy actually condone this too).
  • That in a previous life he was the magician Merlin.
  • That Nibiru was going to tear up the planet back in 2011/12 and cult members were going to relocate to Baja, Mexico to build an ark.
  • That the Exodus to Baja, Mexico 2014 was to collect his clergy in an Annunaki Spacecraft. 
  • That various lens flares are the Planet Nibiru.   The uneducated clergy love topmost lens flares.   Exampled by :-
  1. Nibiru is the Moon 
  2. Richard Ruff Evidence of Nibiru is a double glazing reflection 
  3. Outstanding questions posed.   Nibiru by Priest Tommy Cavin 
  • That During Purim 2016 Raymond Lear would be announced the Moshiach in Israel and save humanity.

Of course there is a LOGICAL explanation for the apparition which was only witnessed by one resident of the ‘big apple’

  • ONLY ONE PERSON OUT OF 8,550,405 managed to photograph and witness this paranormal event.
  • A UFO expert, who analyses alien and paranormal pictures, has produced evidence it was just a reflection of people on the glass of the observation deck above the Rockefeller Center, which had been projected onto the sky in the picture.

  • Conspiracists believe that this could be part of Project Bluebeam.

So whether or not you wish to believe that the people seen in the sky over New York photographed and witnessed by ONE RESIDENT is a parallel universe or the gateway to the New Kingdom is really up to you. Either scenario where’s the proof ?
Twiggie Truth, 2016.


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