‘Archbishop’ of the U.K. Samantha Kennedy’s demon is screaming to get out and she is doing her utmost to collect souls for her Master ‘Lord RayEL’ and in the process talking absolute bollocks to the brainwashed in the Facebook online congregation (International Congregation of Lord RayEL).

This is a cult with the appearance of being Christian, but if you visit their Sanctuary Website they are also trying to lump all religions into one to bring about an acceptable one world religion. This is how the DEVIL plans to take all souls to hell with him. Indeed it is a spiritual war. 

It is hugely apparent that  Ecumenical Order of Christ are falling apart.  Many of the clergy have posted online their testimonies which have been cringe worthy at best.   Fragile Cardinal Kelly Patrick blocked UK VIEWERS on You Tube (which is a blessing as we can be spared her poison and tissue of lies).  These False teachers mix the holy things of God with their carnal thoughts, creating a false form of godliness.  The amount of manure that is being spread within their online congregation (International Congregation of Lord RayEL) is quite incredible.

Jonathan Matthew Wright did reveal in his bible codes that Rayel was an Abomination, that he was evil,  Rabbi GLAZERSON confirmed so too.  Unfortunately neither HAVE stated that he is an absolute ass-wipe.  

The EOC are showing their true colours.  

This verse comes from John 2:18 KJV

Now … what Samantha Kennedy has ‘preached’ here goes against the very fibre of the Ecumenical Order of Christ’s Doctrine.   From 2011 everything that has been published by the EOC, the Anti-Christ does not exist.

Lord RayEL’s website states that the Anti-Christ is a deception.

This is reiterated in the Gospel of Angelus Domini where it states



The clergy are totally lost.  Neither Raymond Lear or Richard Ruff arrived in Israel for Purim as PROMISED and the cult got kicked out following a concerned relative reporting them to authorities about committing mass sucicide.  The whole Israel debacle has left them broken, onlookers are stating that the shreds of faith they did have, were destroyed.   

The clergy have no focus or direction highlighted by this posting.   All this nonsense, supporting a war in Russia is just …. Desperate.   The cringe-worthy testimonies are a desperate attempt to drum up support for their failing Lord.  Peel back the layers and fake smiles from these, and yet again you have nothing.   Prophecies which have failed,  miracles (sorcery) and Ray failing to materialise since countless promises from 2011.  

This is their ‘Lord’,  pimp Raymond Lear (Lord RayEL) alias on Facebook.  This  profile picture shows him for what he is, a demon, the fallen, and his clergy are his legion.

Angelo Domini / Angelus Domini /Alan Douglas AKA (Raymond Lear)

Receiving a blessing from the Sorceress Kelly Patrick in Jersusalem

Samantha Kennedy is possessed.  Her once crystal blue eyes are black and she is hell bent on punishing people.  

REMEMBER SAMMY KENNEDY BELIEVES SHE IS JOHN THE APOSTLE.  (Lear / RayEL / Angelus) refer to this as ‘Indwelling’.    The same “possession” that apparently happened to Lear in 2011.  

This is a demon masquerading. Visions are not and never were God’s primary method of communication. God has spoken through His eternal Word, and He had it written down for us. We must be extremely wary when someone claims to have received a vision from God. Modern-day prophets are easily deceived by the “delusions of their own minds” (Jeremiah 14:14 NIV), and we are not to follow false teaching (Jeremiah 23:16). Instead, we are to test the spirits (1 John 4:1-3). 

Is it possible God could still give visions? Of course. Does He? Perhaps, but not to the degree He once did. Scripture is complete. Visions were generally for when Scripture was incomplete. Modern examples of false visions include those found in the world of the cults and the occult (e.g., among psychics, astrologers, channelers, etc.) where they are legion and they bear all the fruit of false visions: false doctrines, sin, pride, idolatry, divination and other occult practices, etc.    It should be noted here that Samantha was a former Medium. 

Pictured with Derek Accorah

The Catholic Church have been reporting an increase in the number of demonic possessions occurring in people, there also appears to be a rise in the number of mental illness that people develop.   We would do well to remember that Pope Francis warned, “there are those that belong to him” (referring to Satan) and also remember that RayEL considers the Pope to be a false prophet but wanted his help when the clergy were arrested in Israel.  

Twiggie Truth, 2016.