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14th August  2016

It’s all in a day’s work ….

Why did they have to start over ? 

Because they were told by Richard Ruff, Alan Douglas (Raymond Lear) and Kelly Patrick TO leave USA, BAJA and the rest of Planet Earth and meet in Israel for Purim 2016 so that their half wit / half breed Annunaki Lord would be announced as the MOSHIACH.  So everybody upped sticks and left their homes for Israel, entering UNDER Illegal pretences and were booted out in June 2016.  RAY LEAR (RayEL) never materialised, why ? Cause he’s a fake !    Ruff never materialised cause he knows he’s a fake.   He’s dead according to a Torah code.  This of course could mean that ‘RAYEL ceases to exist (as the messiah).   They were ‘Booted out’ because a Bishops  Daughter Informed authorities that they were planning a mass suicide.   That’s why they were ALL deported.  This  DEPORTATION Has NOTHING TO DO WITH TROLLS ! as spread by the Clergy! It was down to their own EGOS,   PRIDE and GLUTTONY.  According to a post Kelly Patrick made, they had to leave much of their belongings behind.  And the same family member who reported them has stated that the reason Kelly was last out, was because she had a ‘rep to protect’.   So what!

NOW they are begging … Begging for UNIFORMS ! uniforms, what do they need uniforms for, isn’t the world supposed to end AGAIN soon! NO Uniform is going to make this bunch of idiots look professional.  THEY ARE actors, acting out their FAKE personas.   Shit …Folks have only got to watch the recent testimonials from the Clergy to realise that this is some crack pot UFO cult WHO have low IQs and haven’t got a clue what they are on about.
FORMER Archbishop of Israel Joe Monte has not only had a promotion but also a change in Faith and COSTUME after being deported from Israel and word is he’s in the UKRAINE.  Now dressed like a JESUIT with the new girl and NANCIO Apostolic Nuncio, Clark Isaac who looks as though he too has jumped faiths. Hmmm he was Muslim, then Jewish and now ….

March To June 2016 this bunch were wearing Jewish headdress.

Back in Baja dressed as Muslims

SO AFTER FUNDING THEIR JOLLIES TO ISRAEL … Now they are asking you for:-

  • FOOD
  • RENT

So really, they fucked up and they want YOU to help them !

Here’s an idea get a job !

But hey …. She’s not finished.

They don’t need anymore than listed – they just want You to fund their lifestyle.    IT wasnt  that bad two weeks ago when Kelly had her hair done for the Armageddon News Broadcast REVEALLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL …. STILL WAITING 😂

Later Selena Scott posted yet another beg, this time including Kelly’s cats and then Ray chimed in.

These were the cats tithes paid for to be taken to Israel.

Missionaries?    I beg to differ. According to their website under Charity – they are not Missionaries.

Note also that on the 13th (Same day)  Kelly Payrick posted the Charity Link

This is based in Israel.  Another LIE bought to you by these Cretins.   They have no people on the ground in Israel and the number listed STILL DOES NOT WORK ! But the donation button DOES.

Whilst at it … They forgot internet charges – this is essential to bring you the TRUTH !
That was covered by Ruff and his PayPal account !

And last but not least the King of the Bullshitters with his TIME IS SHORT bollocks.

Oh and out of interest …. If you wonder what wealth of information that was shared on this day in the congregation …

  • 2 X testimonials by Raytards (One whom she thinks she’s John The Apostle) and another who looked incredibly unhappy.
  • Several Paul Begley You Tube Vids
  • Madonna video
  • Ruff reliving his bullshit prophecies (codes)
  • A man made crop circle which was based on a bong shop (advertising) but aliens made it 😂
  • And a couple of flood posts


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