HEAD DEACOThe mysterious death of former Knight and Priest David Daniels whom passed away under suspicious circumstances on 31st March 2015 was CONFIRMED by Alan Douglas / Angelus Domini aka Raymond Lear on 24th August 2016 as being murdered.  This is not the first time that Alan Douglas has indicated that Daniels was murdered.  

‘Imperial Regent’ and Cult Leader Alan Douglas is referring to trolls in the above post. So lets just have a look at this a little closer.

The last public posting on David Daniels Facebook page was on 29th March 2015 and the writer reported this back in 2015.  A screenshot was taken from DANIELS public Facebook page.

Revisiting David Daniels page on 25th August 2016 revealed that the posting on 10,000 Dead Sea Lions found on a beach had disappeared.  The above screenshot was taken on October 11th 2015.   

How can a dead mans posts disappear ? 

Daniels Twitter account was also active on  29th March 2015. Former Priestess Linda Eastwood has said

“Re…dead mans timeline altered. I checked Daniels timeline just last night (23rd August 2016) and it was still the same as before , this has been changed in last 24hrs. Now then, obviously , whoever has changed it has access to Daniels password, if they have access to it now , then they had access then . Anyone could have posted his last message on the 29th March 2015, not nessecarily Daniels himself, he could have already been dead at the time . They have fucked up Tiff , why alter it now after all this time, could it be AD’s flippant comment about murder and the fact that we have jumped on it”

Somebody from the Ecumenical Order of Christ has deleted Daniels last post!


Tragically, David Daniels naked dead body was discovered at 2pm on Tuesday 31st MARCH 2015 by local police in EL Descano south of Rosarita where Sanctuary the Cult of Lord RayEL were based (according to their website).  The police also reported that DAVID HAD BEEN REPORTED MISSING since last Monday.  (23rd March)

Link to Newspaper Report where the above is stated with links provided.

DATE 31st MARCH 2015 
Link Baja Nomas 

David Daniels was living with Cult members at their Sanctuary headquarters in Rosarita, Baja.  This article confirms that Daniels was reported to be missing.   The only people who could have reported his absence were CULT MEMBERS! 

Another article confirming this date and report can be found in the Frontera.Info

Another article which confirms the date of death being 31st March 2015 was the obituary notice posted in Troy Daily News.  This being a newspaper in his hometown in Ohio.


Alarmingly, nobody from the ECUMENICAL ORDER OF CHRIST wrote in his book of condolences.   


From these sources alone we have ascertained :-

  • DANIELS POSTED on Social Media on Facebook and Twitter  ON THE 29th March.
  • He was reported missing on 23rd March.
  • Found dead 31st March – three pieces of evidence.  (See above).
  • That someone has access to Daniels facebook timeline and has deleted posts in a time period of 24 hours.

At the time of Daniels death many whom follow and who were exposing the Cults were shocked and concerned.   Former Priestess Elaine Elliot at the time was convinced of foul play.

Let’s now look at the announcement of his death reported by Richard Ruff in the International Congregation of Lord RAYEL on 1st April 2015.

This eulogy was posted on 1st April it states that he died 29th March.

The cult have admitted here that they knew when Daniels died.

Richard Ruff created a bible code and shared this letter soup with the congregation.

THIS IS NOT THE ONLY INCONSISTENCY with regards to the date of death.

On the 9th April Clark Isaac posted …

THANKFULLY, the writer took screenshots of this, as posts are often deleted from the Congregation to cover their tracks.  NOTICE THAT THE VIDEO SAYS 30TH MARCH


dated 25th August (screenshot)

Whoever reported to the authorities that Daniels was missing on 23rd March were lying. He sent Kelly Patrick a public Facebook birthday message on 27th March in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL.  OR DID HE? as we have seen above that Daniels timeline (facebook timeline has been altered since his passing).

The story LATER given TO clergy and the congregation was suicide.  This has been confirmed by ex members and of course Alan Douglas.

The writer at the time of Daniels death had infiltrated the Cult and was undercover.  I made contact with Alan Douglas (Ray Lear) in February 2015 following an investigation into his political career and shady online businesses in the porn industry.

SO ALAN DOUGLAS WHO IS INVESTIGATING THIS MYSTERIOUS DEATH? The Exposed team would love to speak to the investigators as new evidence has been give to the team.


A man missing from 23rd. How likely would a man contemplating suicide, off his meds, not in his right mind, wander around for days, still have his mobile charged, still posting random stuff both on his FACEBOOK / Twitter pages and still fit in a lovely birthday comment to Cardinal Kelly Patrick.

The whole thing stinks, there is more to this and this has nothing to do with trolls like Alan Douglas states.  This is just a deflection, a form of demonising the Truthseekers, likened to the farce in Israel, blaming trolls for the cults deportation when in fact it was a family member alerted authorities that the cult were going to commit suicide.  Let’s not forget the brave testimony of Elaine Eliott who has been constantly harangued by this cult since leaving, the terrifying ordeal of Susan Graham, The blood sacrifices (16) reported by Head Deacon Don Scott and the blood sacrifice witnessed by Leach, then his retraction.

But this is the FINAL BLOW AND CONFIRMATION THAT these people are truly sick and evil.  

Whilst Selena Roberts Scott was in Israel (March 2015) on the 28th she posted the Exact news article on the 10,000 dead seals that was the last post that Daniels posted on 29 March 2015 which has subsequently been removed from his page.  This was liked and shared by Adam Muema.    I searched for this Sea Lion post in the Congregation.  Searches always appear in Date order.

Previously this posting on the dead seals was shared in 2015

Raymond Lear this so called FALSE PROPHET and Demon Lord RAYEL, Lord of Storms, an annunaki half breed Jesus has blood on his hands.  NOT ONLY HIM BUT HIS CLERGY.  This cult is dangerous.   Raymond Lear the failed politician, PIMP, convicted felon is not the MESSIAH, he and his clergy are fake and criminals.  They have admitted that Daniels was murdered.  They will be held accountable in the eyes of God.

FALSE PROPHETS EXPOSED have now a testimony from a former HEAD DEACON which will be published shortly which shines a light on the death of Daniels and the Cult based at Sanctuary in Baja.

Twiggie, 2016


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