New evidence has come to light regarding the mysterious death of David Daniels.

David Johnson from False Prophets Exposed interviewed Former Deacon Jeremy Cheesewright following public allegations made by ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas of the Facebook Group The International Congregation of Lord RayEL stating that trolls had murdered their fellow cult member in March 2015.

Daniels death was suspicious from the outset.   The Congregation and the Cult published two different accounts for the date of death for Daniels in the space of a week.  Daniels was residing at the time at Sanctuary with the Cult.  These dates differed from the official date given by the authorities.

Following our blog into the mysterious death of Daniels, there is no honour amongst thieves and Cardinal Kelly Patrick has decided to spew more filth and cracks are appearing …

1. Daniels resided with the cult.   You’d think Cardinal Kelly Patrick would remember this and also remember that Daniels did not die years ago as stated above.   He died in 2015.

2. During the time of death the writer was a deaconess-in-training (albeit undercover) with the Ecumenical Order of Christ.

3. The writer did ‘not try’ and make it sound like murder.  The writer  has presented a timeline and facts that do not add up.

4. It was ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas that stated Daniels was murdered and that this was being investigated by authorities.  Not the blogger.

5. If Cardinal Kelly Patrick was combing the beaches with authorities (for days) as claimed above, why is it then they posted the wrong dates of death (twice) on eurolgy’s for Daniels death ?

6. As regards to Donnon Russell, a former priest.   I have checked his Facebook profiles and again what Cardinal Kelly Patrick claims above is yet again fabrication.  Donnon public Facebook profile picture with a ‘bat’ was dated 9 April 2015.   The reason that Donnon posted such a picture was because he was being threatened by The Cult.

“I was being harassed and threatened with damnation and physical harm. Then he posted the picture of my son. Then the post about me being watched ending in “sleep well”. Donnon Russell

Recently Daniels Facebook page has changed indicating that someone within the CULT has control of his page.   This could also explain  why Daniels was posting during the time period 23rd March – 29th March when he had been reported missing to the authorities.  Someone within the cult had and has access to David Daniels Facebook Page.

Now … What is interesting is that Kelly Patrick claims that they were hunting for Daniels for days.   Both his Twitter and Facebook pages were active.


“They just kept it hushed up from a lot of the lower clergy.  From what I recall it was something to do with a drug deal gone bad”

TT  You have held back on this vital information, why? 

No, like I said there was a few different stories about what happened.

TT Who was dealing drugs? 

No, he was trying to acquire them and it went bad.  The other story was the suicide one and that was the story they gave to the general Congregation. 

DJ What was Daniel’s role in the clergy? 

He was part of the original group at Baja he wasn’t very active publicly, he sort of run in the back ground. Research and posting.  

DJ Did you ever speak with him ?

No…. as far as I know he didn’t really interact with many people he rarely posted in the Congregation.   I don’t know many people that did talk to him to be honest.  

DJ What was mood in Baja like ? 

Like was there people fighting for power teĺling others what to do etc.   This is while they where in full Raytard mode … Kelly and CJ had made themselves the Alphas there. This was around the time Alex Leech was down there as well.  When he died CJ and Kelly started putting up posts about his death being a suicide.

DJ What did people make of Alex Leach?  

I know over here a few of us thought he was unstable and that he had a serious meth problem.

DJ How did you hear about Daniels and what was the mood in the clergy?

Like I said earlier Daniels wasn’t a major player I didn’t know of him before his death same with a lot of the congregation.   It was CJ and Kelly, then later Eric Logan.  

DJ Was anythin said in the groups, their private groups ? 

At the time I was only in the Deacon chats, not much was mentioned

TT So what’s this about the drug deal? 

A couple weeks later while having a conversation with Jaymain Franks on the phone I asked about Daniels.  Franks told me he was murdered

DJ So Jaymian Franks knew he had been murdered.   

Yes.  He was on other private chats with other senior members.

DJ yeah, who? 

Kelly, CJ, the whole Baja group.  

TT Apparently, according to Don Scott this was discussed via video conference.  

DJ.  Was it planned? 

Not that I was told.  Franks said it was a drug deal gone bad.  

DJ So where they dealing or buying? 

TT What kind of drugs? 

All that was said was the Cartel was involved.  

DJ It would be weed and coke.  Big down there.  

More than likely.  

TT So you didn’t ask? 

At first no.  

TT Later? 

It came up but I never got an answer on it.   I was asked to go to Baja and join the group there

DJ By who? 

Ruff. He wanted an Aussie on the ground to report back to him. 

DJ Is ‘Prime Cleric’ Richard Ruff involved in the drug deals?

No, Ruff is totally against drugs.  

TT Former Senior Deacon Don Scott stated in his interview that Richard Ruff was running drug farms down in Mexico, is this true? 

There where / are no drug farms.  I think Don was a bit pissed over getting booted.  

TT It was his testimony though, if he lied he has to live with it.  

I think embellished a bit of it …I know for a fact Ruff is dead set against drugs.  

DJ Was rayel ever there at the Baja Sanctuary?  

From what I understand he was in Baja at a Desperate Compound.  

DJ So Daniels was at the Baja Sanctuary, to your knowledge had any drug deals gone wrong before,  was there any money owed, and where they selling, buying or both? 

Not sure but Kelly became very paranoid about this Cartel thing.  

DJ Why was Cardinal Kelly Patrick concerned with that? 

There were rumours of them using regularly and after Daniels death she was convinced the Cartels were after them.  

DJ   Right, so was money owed.  

Not sure, what I was hearing was from other members like Franks and Staader.  

DJ That would be coke and weed.  

From what I understand.  

TT Drugs are Drugs. 

DJ Who were the users?

All of them.  

DJ All, so old Selena too? 

As far as I know they where all partying pretty hard with the money from donations whether drugs or drinking.  That’s why Ruff asked me to go over, I don’t think he knew exactly what was going on.  

TT Just to reiterate on a couple of points. What’s a desperate compound, Your response (personal) to what Franks told you about Daniels being killed and have  you reported this to authorities?

With the Daniels incident like I said before they where just hearsay nothing concrete like most things in that group you don’t know what to believe.  As for Lear being in the compound that was back in 2014.  

TT Why would Franks say such if it’s hearsay? 

Not sure these guys contradicted what they said a lot.  

TT That they do. I agree. For a balanced argument I must present this.  

Like I said earlier I heard three different versions of what happened to Daniels.  

TT I find it all rather unsavoury. It’s rather apparent that so many lies have been told.    What was the third ?

The sacrifice

TT Can you embellish on just this now? 

Again not sure how factual its is but I heard another story that Daniels was a sacrifice. From what I heard it was again Kelly and CJ that where the ring leaders.  But again only Rumours. 

TT These rumours, who was saying this? 

An ex-member 

TT Would this be an ex-member with an axe to grind? 

Yes it was one that made the trip to Baja can’t remember her name off the top of my head.  

TT Elaine ? 

No, Amber Hood. 

Thank you Jeremy.  After hearing this information, we welcome any further information that can be passed onto Authorities.  

Twiggie, David Johnson, 2016


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