Lord RAYEL, RA-EL, convicted felon, pimp, failed politician and  failed Demi-God.  From 2011 Raymond Lear has been an  “invisible” ANNUNAKI Jesus, formerly King Arthur and the Sumerian Enlil from the planet Nibiru.  We kid you not … Yes Raymond Lear has a cult in Baja Mexico and rogue “missionaries” roaming around in the Ukraine, Australia, Germany, United States and Great Britain spreading the news that he is the returned Christ, although nobody has seen this figment of the imagination apart from ‘Angelus Domini, Alan Douglas’.   As with many cults it’s the family members whom have to pick up the pieces when things go bad or worry with sickness.  This is an interview with a current family member who is actively involved in this cult and David Johnson of Flase Prophets Exposed.   The family member wishes to remain anonymous.   

DJ If you dont mind can you confirm that you contacted Lord RAYEL Exposed.  

I did

DJ How did you hear about Lord RAYEL? 

I heard about it through my family member.

DJ Yeah your family member, did they believe in Jesus Christ before RAYEL? 

Yea the member was a believer, but did not attend church.

DJ And from the outset what where your initial impressions?

When I first about it, I was happy, until I found out that Jesus was back in the flesh. Many red flags went off and I confided into the family member about it.

DJ And what does your family member think about this?

Think it’s a cult, this family member is very gullible and will believe anything. If the sun is yellow and was told its really blue this member would believe the sun is blue cause that is what was told.

DJ Can you confirm they are still in the clergy?

Very much involved with the clergy

Have you ever spoken with any other clergy member?

No never

DJ Right what do know about the Clergy of The Ecumenical Order of Christ? 

I know they believe in something that is not real. They believe in aliens, dooms day stuff, and like to play make believe. The clergy thrives on fear of the what if and not the what now. They believe a man named rael who is the reincarnated of Jesus Christ. If he says jump they say how high. The others along for the ride think they are arch angels and have all of this divine power. The problem is this power is over the weak minded who will believe anything.

DJ They say the clergy is contact with family members all the time.  

This member was in contact with us, that is true.

DJ And recent contact? 

Not for me no.

DJ Did your family member join the Exodus to Baja, Mexico? 

This member left the residence in a hurry. Basically with the clothes on its back. I was shocked and very concerned. So concerned me and a relative contacted the law enforcement and was told there was nothing to be done.  

We were very scared for this member. Just up and left.

DJ Your family member who left the place was any RAYEL stuff in there?

Yea just the name written all over in dust.

DJ Have you ever spoke with Cardinal Kelly Patrick? 


DJ Do you believe your family member has harmed or been harmed by this Cult.  Have you seen the report about David Daniels? 

I heard about David, to be honest I don’t know how deep the member is in. I do believe this member knows things and turned the other cheek. This member as far as I know has never been harmed by the cult.

DJ So do you believe the clergy and your family member is into drink and drugs? 

No this member does not do drugs, but does like to drink often and daily.

DJ So they have a problem then.  Has your family member said they would take their own life for RAYEL? 

I think this person would.

DJ Are you troubled by the behaviour of your family member? 

Very troubled, very concerned

DJ How did you find out your family member was going to Israel in March 2016.  Did you also believe or think they would end there life in Israel? 

When I found out about the trip I cried. Kelly? I don’t like her, she is a cunt. She has manipulated my family member so much that my family member does not know right from wrong.

Yes I did strongly believe this person was in danger. At first I had no idea why they went.

DJ Do you believe any other of the clergy have also? 

No… I contacted said member to see what was going on.

DJ And then what happened?

I was told by member that a new body was in the works. The alien was going to transfer the essence of this person to the new body. That the member would contact me when it was done. I got scared and panicked and cried. My relative and I decided to take action. Made some calls and was told to contact the embassy in Jerusalem. As you know now what happened.

TT After your family member stated to you that she was going to be picked up by aliens and given a new body etc …. I know you said that you were extremely saddened by this … But did you explain to them that this is absolute hogwash, if so what was their response. What evidence have they got that this was going to happen in Israel ?

I said it was a load of crap, and the member said no it’s really and the government knows about the new technology

DJ Alan Douglas can you recall anything said about him. Do you know if she has met him.

I do know this member spoke often with Alan. This member believed everything that was said.

DJ Did you contact anyone about this? 

About what part?

DJ The cult being in Israel? 

I contacted the FBI, the Israel Consulate in D.C.  and finally the Embassy in Jerusalem.

DJ What did they say and how did you know about Lord Rayel Exposed,  they call me a demon.  Do you know who funded them, because we received information that it was the ‘lollypops’ aka the Harrs who funded them 30k? 

The embassy in Jerusalem was concerned and took action. I found the blog about the group and used it to show something was not right. Well if you’re the demon than I’m Satan. I did not know who funded the trip, just know they left in a hurry.

DJ Yeah.  We blogged on their tricks and what they were up to there.  We also posted how they were getting away with it.  How come you think they left in a hurry? 

After reading your post about the death I figured they left cause of that.

DJ They blamed Lord RAYEL Exposed for their arrest but they needed to be stopped.  

I know they blamed you.

DJ Do know why most of the Cult got deported and why there was only two left? 

I don’t know why. I know the last stayed to save face. I know my family member is and still is furious with me. I rather have said member be mad then dead.

TT What was the excuse given that RAYEL didn’t turn up ?

By then they were detained and have not spoken since.

DJ Did your family member come and see you when they got back or any other family member? 


DJ Did they contact you when they was arrested or when they was over there? 

No, my relative was contacted after the arrest.

DJ Can you say how much they was askin for?

A few hundred dollars.

DJ Did you give them any funds? 


DJ Is your family member in good or bad health?

Bad health

DJ Really, why is this, what’s the problem with them, if thats ok? 

I’ll keep that private

DJ Thats fine.  Do you keep a watch on your family member now. The clergy have made a load of new videos (testimonies).   

I saw the video of this member

DJ And what was your thoughts on this? 

I cried, I was sadden by the condition of this member.

Yeah I was very worried.    On other videos they believe this guy is Jesus whose still a wanted man. Have you seen the other interviews we have done with ex-members? 

I told this to the member and showed evidence of such. Still did not believe me.  Vaguely remember the others.  

DJ We seen this before you know.  The clergy turn on family members.    There was young Samuel who left his job and life to join the Cult.  The family was messaging him on his Facebook page and the Clergy turned on them.   Outrageous behaviour.   They  brainwash people into this.  You know that Alan Douglas has taken on the persona of RAYEL ? 

I’m not concerned about the clergy contacting me, I’m not on members Facebook friend. If they do I’ll deal. I have heard of this awhile ago. He is a keyboard warrior, and a fucking loser.

DJ Do you know there whereabouts in Baja? 

I don’t know they location at this time.

DJ We are trying to bring them down.  

Do it, they need to be stopped

DJ We are damaging them.  Have you seen the other videos about them?


I have not watched it upsets me to much. They are brainwashed, and think it’s a game until someone gets killed. Oh wait that did happened.

DJ Have you seen this one.   I know it can be upsetting.   We  believe there may be more than one person that has died following interviews with ex clergy members.  

I have not seen this one. They believe in no drugs of all kinds even prescription. So if you are on a script you have to stop taking them. Sadly those who need to be on it will get very sick or even die.

TT Your family member has not been healed by RAYEL And Should take medication for their condition but doesn’t. Instead has been promised a new body. This is an absolute disgrace. Many others state that they have received medical miracles ( Kelly Patrick) I personally call bullshit on this. Last week Richard Ruff was asking folks to tithe to pay for his wife’s CPAP treatment. Surely if Ray is Jesus 😊 he would cure her … Do you see what I’m saying.

Yes I do.

DJ What do you know about the one who calls himself Angelus Domini.

I know that he talks to my family member often

DJ What does he say if you know? 

That I don’t know

DJ What do you hope this interview can do? 

I hope it can help someone who is in the same situation as I am. To be honest I really hope they kick my family member out so this person can have medical treatment.

TT Would your family member if they were kicked out have a home, love and support from their family ? (I’m saying this as it’s important to break this down for what it is).

Yes this member would have a place to stay.

TT Does you family member know of magicks? Your family member had mentioned that they receive visions, was this something that happened beforehand?

I don’t know…

TT Many cults eventually blow apart because the cult leader did something illegal: tax fraud, physical or sexual abuse, or in extreme cases, illegal possession of weapons or contraband. We believe that RAYEL and his dealings fall into these categories. We also believe that he is dead. Your family member at the beginning of the year was named on their Sanctuary website Benefactor. Did you know about this ?

This is news to me! If he died then it’s a matter of time for it to fall apart. Sadly as a benefactor, this could land them into some legal hot water.

DJ But who knows, do you know they say sex with kids is okay and thay they support ISIS. The sex with kids is in The Gospel of Angelus Domini.  

Isis I knew about, sex with kids I had no idea, I’m disgusted.   

DJ Yeah thats in Rays Gospel.  

Fucking creeps to do this to kids is beyond me.

Yep thats them.  Even Clergy members have said it.   We posted what they said.  

I can’t believe my family member believes this!

DJ Yeah we cant believe anyone can believe this bullshit.  

Well they found people who do.

DJ Does your family cult member have any disposable income? 


TT Some of them have now travelled to Russia /Ukraine. Do you think your family member will go ?


TT Finally, this blog / interview will be seen by your family member and the cult. Is there anything that you would like to say ?

Nothing to say, I said what I needed to. They are a bunch of fucking keyboard warriors who like to play make believe.

Thank you.  


David Johnson, False Prophets Exposed 2016


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