Before Bin Laden their was the Blind Sheikh and Lord RayEL’s  (Raymond Lear’s) Madhi was/is his son.

This statement was posted by Mikey Harr, Senior Deacon in the public group The International Congregation of Lord RayEL Facebook page on 4 September 2016.

Public Facebook Group International Congregation of Lord RayEL 4 September 2016

Trolls make up lies to discredit them says this young jock strap whom is flouncing around now in a priest uniform whom condones the act of child abuse.  To my knowledge this is three costume changes.  So I’m sorry to disappoint, but we just do not do that on this forum.   This blog will show exactly who the Ecumenical Order of Christ support and post their propaganda in the International Congregation of Lord RAYEL.   Obviously, it is up to the reader to form a conclusion, but with the awakened terror attacks by ‘islamists’ on US soil and the urgency to Exit within the next FIVE days (another Exodus) being pressed by High Ranking Clergy and the mouthpiece Harr … do they know more than they let on ?   It’s remarkable really, what selective  memories this Facebook cult has.

To start with, this was posted on 18th September, 2016 in the Facebook International Congregation of Lord RAYEL where they recruit new members by Archbishop Tommy Cavin.  Many of the Clergy have their own groups, these are normally secret or closed groups, as confirmed here, Tommy Cavin has a Templar Group, this is where they recruit their own army.  It would appear that from what Tommy has indicated that Isis operatives are in his group !

Posted Sunday 18th September 2016.  We think he should of said … Someone had joined one of my Templar groups and were trying to recruit …

Let’s not forget that these nefarious scum bags stated that 9/11 was for them and their Lor and you will see this connection a little further on.


Posted in the Public Facebook Page International Congregation of Lord Rayel 2014
This above post was reported and subsequently taken down.

Via Donnon Russell
Now for some serious back peddling by Archbishop Mat Staader on 4th September 2016

The Madhi was no other than Mohammed Omar Abdul Rahman which was announced in  September 2013

Here is a screenshot of Archbishop Donnie Chong requesting contact to be made with Ammar OMAR Abdel-Rahman and Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman November 2013.

Screenshot taken October 2015 for blog

For those whom do not know who this Lion of God is, he is the son of Omar Abdel-Rahman known as The Blind Sheikh who has been imprisoned by the United States on Terrorist charges since 1993. Abdel-Rahman, the former leader of Gama’at al Islamia, was arrested on 1st July, 1993 in Brooklyn, five months after the first World Trade Center attack that left six people dead.  He was convicted in 1995 and sentenced to life in prison, a year later.

His organisation, which means simply ‘Islamic Group,’ was classified as a terrorist association by U.S. officials.
Along with conspiring to blow up the World Trade Center, Abdel-Rahman was convicted of plotting to blow up both the headquarters of the United Nations and the Holland Tunnel.

Archbishop Donnie Chong gave instructions to the Congregation of Lord RayEL to specifically make contact with Ammar Omar Abdel-Rahman (the brother of Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman ) who was campaigning for the release of his father The Blind Sheikh who has been in prison since the 1990s who has used his sons and other devout followers in Egypt to run YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages and created an Empire behind bars.  The Online Presence Of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman – The Blind Sheikh: Official Website is Hosted in Chicago, Active On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.   Chicago being the hometown of Raymond Lear.  

What do we know?

Lear from Chicago, has had contacts with Mexico since 2003.  Mexico has been linked to the cartels in Chicago, specifically, drugs and guns flooding the Chicago streets. Fast and Furious running guns down below the border which eventually ended up in the Middle East and Europe.   Only recently, investigators have linked that the guns which were used at the Paris nightclub shooting was from the Fast and Furious gun running operation. It cannot be ignored that this could possibly be linked to Abdel-Rahman and centers on Chicago.

Archbishop Donnie Chong also gave the congregation the Website campaigning to free the Blind Sheikh.  This website was being monitored by the US Government.   This link is a report written by Steven Stalinksky which highlights the online presence which as forementioned was of great concern to Governments.   This website was also listed by Edward Mickolous Terrorism 2013-15 

On 10th September, 2012, al Qaeda’s new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, released a statement demanding that the U.S. release Rahman, and in January Algerian Islamists who took over a natural gas plant said they would release two American hostages in exchange for the Blind Sheik.

The Mahdi Mohammed Omar Abdul Rahman was revealed by a number of Torah Codes.  The Ecumenical Order of Christ released a video revealing these codes and also within was a propaganda video requesting the release of the Blind Sheikh. 

These are screen shots from video.

You will notice that nothing is said about him orchestrating the first bombing of the World Trade Center, in 1993, and also that he plotted several unrealised attacks against other New York landmarks and that members of his group Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya conducted two attacks against European visitors to Egypt, including the massacre of 58 tourists at Deir el-Bahri in Luxor

In 2001, before the Sept. 11 attacks, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden issued a videotaped call for the sheik’s release, according to Peter Bergen, a journalist and author. Bergen described Abdel Rahman as the “spiritual guide of 9/11,” citing a religious edict the cleric wrote from his prison cell, calling on Muslims to strike out against their enemies and “kill them in the sea, on land and in the air.” (Washington Post, 2013)

Do you know who he is ? Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman (محمد عمر عبدالرحمن) is an Egyptian who was in United States custody in one of the CIA’s “black sites”.  Also known as “Asadullah” (i.e. The lion of God.)

Published March 2003 by Fox News they reported that the Al Qaeda operative and suspected financier of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had been taken into custody.  He is alleged to have organised the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed some 3,000 people in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, and was linked to a 1995 plot to bomb trans-Pacific airliners and crash a plane into CIA headquarters and to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  He also has been tied to the April bombing of a synagogue in Tunisia, which killed 19 people, mostly German tourists.

Propaganda piece included within the EOC video.

Al-Gama Al-Islamiyya, the Building and Development Party are seen as the political wing of the movement al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya an Egyptian Sunni Islamist movement, that  is considered a terrorist organisation by the United States and European Union. (1)  The group was dedicated to the overthrow of the Egyptian government and replacing it with an Islamic state; the group has committed to peaceful means following the coup that toppled Mohamed Morsi. (2).


The Holy and Apostolic Order of Christ uploaded a news article on Before its News August, 2013.  The video is no longer available but this will give you an idea of what they were supporting.   
The link to this page

THE MAHDI BEING Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman


According to Prime Cleric Richard Ruff’s Torah code Belmokhtar was the Dajjal.

THE anti-Christ.  

Remember the teachings of the EOC.   


This from The Gospel of Angelus Domini is information imparted to him from Raymond Lear (Lord RAYEL).  

Why would RAYEL wish to kill Belmokhtar who was ACTUALLY supporting Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman ?


THESE ARE SCREEN SHOTS FROM Prime Cleric Richard Ruffs Video published 21 March 2013

Of course this was all poppycock!

BELMOKHTAR was reported in January 2013 to be responsible for a raid on a natural gas field in eastern Algeria and reportedly demanded the release of two well-known, al Qaeda-linked jihadists in exchange for American hostages namely, the Mahdi’s father The Blind Sheikh and Lady Al Qaeda. Read more about this at

On 2 March 2013, the Chadian state television and the Chadian Army reported that Belmokhtar had been killed in a raid by Chadian troops against a terrorist base in Mali.  RICHARD RUFF REPORTED IN A VIDEO AND VIA TORAH CODES THAT BELMOKHTAR  WAS DEAD (Torah) AND STATED THAT ISA (RAYEL) had carried out this deed.   One would say, that this was an extremely silly thing to do, given the nature and reputations of these terrorist organisations.

TWO months later Belmokhtar claimed responsibility for two suicide truck bomb attacks — on a French-owned uranium mine in Arlit, Niger, and a military base 150 miles away in Agadez.

On 14 June 2015, Libya’s government announced Belmokhtar was killed in a U.S. airstrike inside Libya. U.S. officials confirmed the strike and that Belmokhtar was a target, but have not confirmed that Belmokhtar was killed. (Wikipedia)

If this isn’t enough evidence that The ICOLR were  supporting Islamic Fundamentalists. Feast your eyes on this.


2016 and Belmokhtar is Still at large …
Mokhtar Belmokhtar: the ‘uncatchable’ chief of Africa’s Islamic extremists


1. According to the teachings of the EOC and information given to Angelus Domini there is NO ANTI-Christ

2. However, Richard Ruff’s claimed that the anti-Christ is Belmokhtar whom happens to be a supporter of the Mahdi’s father known terrorist Abdel-Rahman.   

3. Ruff stated that RAYEL killed Belmokhtar, however 2016 he is still reported wanted by the US government on Terrorist Charges.   

4. Ruff’s Torah code prophecy is FAKE. 

That the above is a smokescreen to cover the deception that in fact the EOC and ICOLR Was / is sponsoring and supporting terrorist organisations which have been traced back to 

  • The World Trade Centre bombings – October 1995 – Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman is convicted of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison.
  • May 26, 1998 – The Fatwa That Brought Down the Twin Towers.  At a press conference hosted by Al Qaeda, a note smuggled out of Rahman’s jail cell is read to a gathering of top Al Qaeda leaders, and journalists. The note reads as follows, according to New York Magazine: A fatwa of the captive Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman … To all Muslims everywhere: Destroy their countries. Tear them to pieces. Destroy their economies, burn their corporations, destroy their businesses, sink their ships, and bring down their airplanes. Kill them in the sea, on land, and in the air.  Your brother Abdel Rahman, from inside American prisons
  • September 11, 2001 – The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapse after being hit by two airplanes hijacked by members of Al Qaeda. Subsequent analysis explains that the theological justification for the attacks was provided by Rahman’s fatwa three.  Osama Bin Laden himself makes this argument.
  • Orlando shootings – According to Fox News, Omar Mateen, the jihadist who carried out the mass-murder attack at a gay nightclub in Florida, was a student of Marcus Robertson, an Orlando-based radical Muslim who once served as a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman — the notorious “Blind Sheikh”.

These are copies of public postings by Clergy which reiterate the above.  


The article published in Veterans Today discusses The Islamic hadiths and  the coming of Imam Mahdi leading an army carrying black flags.

The black flag pictured above is also the image that was used in EOCs promotional video to announce the Madhi which disseminated the propaganda video releasing the Blind Shiekh.

Now don’t these flags just look like the ISIS Flags! 

ISIS Flag (Wikimedia)

A letter being sent out to universities stated that the Blind Shiekh was the Mahdi.  This is a copy of a public posting dated 23 August 2013.

What we are seeing here is FULL SUPPORT OF A TERRORIST and a terrorist ORGANISATION.

A TERRORIST THAT HAS BEEN TRACED BACK TO THE two biggest terrorist attacks on US soil.


Torah codes indicated that Omar ‘The Blind Sheikh’ was the Mahdi.   

Now this is where is gets rather cute … THE ABOVE WAS DATED August 2013 where contact was being made with Universities etc… That stated that the Blind Sheikh was the Mahdi.

On 6th September

This is evidence that The EOC and Richard Ruff were raising funds to support terrorist affiliations.


Originally, the EOC were supporting fully a Terrorist who has links to Isis, but this didn’t stop them.  NOTE THE DATE OF THE CODE.

Still on the 30th December, Clark Isaac was still supporting a known terrorist as the Mahdi.

So although, a code was INTERPRTATED WRONG ! Why was Clark Issac still forcing on ‘celebrities’ that OMAR ‘The Blind Sheikh’ was the Mahdi after the correction date ?   Remember that the online campaign to free this terrorist was being handled in Chicago, notorious for crime, including gun-running to Mexico, links with cartels and the home of Raymond Lear.  Again, too many coincidences.  

Of course, the EOC will state that I am lying, but proof is in the pudding, and by their own admission and postings.   It’s obvious that the EOC were / are trying to forge alliances with  radical Muslims (terrorists) and is / was using them as an army.  Remember … They want to set up a Middle East headquarters.    There has àlready been a suspicious death of a priest in Baja.  

What bothers False Prophets Exposed is that we can see that the mindset of the followers are radicalized. They went to Israel, stalked the Rabbi’s, and were gleefully awaiting an impending ‘event’ whilst there. They made demands of “consent or be conquered”. They were expecting new upgraded and immortal bodies in Israel which would require the death of their older bodies to make the transfer (can anybody say Kool-aid?)

What bothers me is the thought of what would they not do to please their master. Would they kill? Would they blow up a public area? There’s a definite sickness to all this.

Back to September 2016 and Sanctuary Interfaith have removed all mention of their Mahdi from their website and public posts from Facebook and Clark Isaac and Joe Monte are in Russia / Ukraine disguised as priests.

Why is that ? 

Twiggie, Donnon Russell, 2016

Facebook closed group Islam -The Ecumenical Order of Christ.


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