From the International Congregation of Lord RayEL (Facebook False Prophet)

Let’s just see shall we.  


Hurricane Matthew was is reportedly to have been created on 25th September 2016 

Source, 7th October, 2016


Lord RayEL Did have an original Facebook Group and this was dismantled by former Prime Cleric Brianna M and Apostolic Nuncio Carter Davis back in 2012.  Neither of these ‘characters’ formed “troll groups”.  

You can read two testimonies by Former Apostolic Nuncio here and here which gives an insight to why the Facebook Group was dissolved.   

You can read here the newspapers articles in respect of Joyce Haney’s Kidnap and here the Court Documentation.   You can watch here how two failed political campaigns were forged into one to mislead followers of Lord Rayel to show him as a Victim, when really he is just a lying sack of shit.  

Now for the Torah Code.  

The above code was recently applied to completing a prophecy according to Richard Ruff.   This occurred when a now, FORMER member of the clergys partner questioned the legitimacy of Prime Cleric Richard Ruffs Torah Codes and Lear’s Story.  You can read about the horrific online abuse levied by the Clergy here to that individual.   

So analysing this Torah Code named  Rebelliousness 23rd September 2016 

Let’s first look at the title.     Translations via Hebrew Translator / Google / Dotinhebrew 

As you can see neither translations appear in the title of the code.  

Let’s take a look at next bit. 

God ra-el steering sect by god ra-el  (purple) 

It rather speaks for itself.    This code is utter dribble.   So, how many more of these codes created by Richard Ruff are misleading! 

Rabbi Glazerson has previously stated that RAYMOND LEAR is not the returned Moshiach and that he CHEATS with the BIBLE CODES.  See Richard Shaws Article.   

The only aspect of Lears so called  ‘legitimacy’ is based upon the codes.  It’s not until you start digging and looking at these, you can comprehend the level of deceit.   Little wonder, that not one of a Richard Ruffs codes have been peer reviewed or accepted by Rabbis and top leading Torah code researchers.   

Back to the Storm 

It is totally sickening that the pathetic cretins whom call themselves clergy are willing this storm on, wanting destruction and misery.   


“Look at them two demented fu*ks making fun of a serious, life threatening, “natural” event. They crave death and destruction the sick fu*ks. To them this somehow backs up there delusions”.    M.Nibson 

I couldn’t put it better myself ! 

Another Torah Code which was shared was devised by Clark Isaac.  This has a totallay different spelling for RayEL, coincidentally does not translate.  

But in the celebrations, Alan Douglas slipped up … Deacon Petri asked whether the Earthquake which paralysed Haiti in 2010 was a chastisement.    

Really, how so RAYTARDS ? Lear according to the fairy tale didn’t arrive on the scene until 2011 ! 

THIS BLOG, highlights without a shadow of a doubt what The Ecumenical Order of Christ are.    Blood thirsty, sad individuals who hold no regard for humanity.    Lies and liars.   The Torah Codes are bunk as highlighted above, and let us not forget that world renown Rabbi Glazerson has debunked Rayel before.   The statement made by Alan Douglas that the hurricane was forged on the 23rd, again a fallacy, the Haiti disaster of 2010 credited to RayEL, a joke, as the annunaki half wit didn’t descend 😂 until 2011.     Disgustingly though, what tops this, is the willingness that the clergy to wish death, mayhem and misery on all the souls whom are suffering in the wake and all those whom will be broken in the aftermath of this natural disaster. As it happens, thankfully, the DOUBLE PUNCH did not occur! But the loss of life in Haiti alone was devastating.  Images of the devastation in Haiti emerged. Lives have been lost, towns destroyed, villages washed away, and some 300,000 people need help. The government says more than 300 people are dead, but by some local estimates that number could be as high as 800—and climbing.

 As a good friend has said which sums up their behaviour.   

“Love God, love each other? Bull-fu*cking-shit. Look at how they’re celebrating the fact that Haiti got slammed by Hurricane Mathew. There’s no denying it. Look at how many reacted with laughter. A clergy of God? More like a Satanic cult. Sad thing is, Anton LaVey’s clergy (Former high priest of the Church of Satan) is saddened and even volunteered to help send food and other goods to help the people that were affected by the storm. Lear’s clergy has reached a new low” Qi Long 

Twiggie, 2016
Artwork by James Gray


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