September 2016 

Latest bubblegum bullshit from ‘Alan Douglas’ is to pack light as fleet is coming to pick up the chosen. 

And they say they are not a UFO Cult. 


If that wasn’t enough Cardinal Kelly is bizarrely making claims that ‘lightening’ is the  fleet.

20th September 2016

The only confirmation we have here is that she’s a nutter ! More rantings from one who believes that Jesus is a chubby, wanted,  wife beating, failed politician, a terrorist symphasier, who couldn’t make it being a real man so he invented some half baked story that he’s an annunaki half-breed god who is going to whisk them away for being faithful keyboard warriors.    Oh and this Jesus wannabe blocks folks on Twitter for calling him out and hurting his precious ego.  However, if you are to believe the other half baked idiot who thinks he’s ‘Moses’ then Raymond Lear is dead already.  

But .. we knew something ridiculous like this was going to turn up, as what could possibly trump Ray failing to materialise in Israel !

Let’s insert the ‘Alien’ story again …  yawn.   

You see … Cult Leader Cardinal ‘Snivvel alot’ Kelly Patrick has been carefully laying the groundwork 

August, 2016 

The fleet left them in Israel, forgot to pick them up during the last Exodus to Baja in 2014   

But his fleet is here 😂

😂 hilarity 2015.   He’s oh so … Always with the threats.  

Back to the future SOON …

20th September 2016

 Twiggie, 2016 

Artwork by James Gray    


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