There are scarier things than death. Like… having someone hollow you out like a mannequin, taking your autonomy and mind and heart and values and beliefs and dignity and morals and even your personality away from you. Being turned into a thing, where not even your body belongs to you. Being totally powerless to stop it and knowing that not even death is an escape.   This  is what a Cult does to you ! 

Then there is a threat levied at your loved ones, your heart is pounding, you feel weak, every pore in your body screams, endorphins released and then you are consumed with rage.   

I’ve been exposing the Cult of Lord RayEL now for a little over a year with a fabulous dedicated bunch of folks of the group called Lord RayEl Exposed.    The cult in question  is The Ecumenical Order of Christ, The Holy & Apostolic Order of Templars, Sanctuary Interfaith, Mikdash Hamoshiach and The International Congregation of Lord RayEL.  They work for a dangerous man named Raymond Elwood Howard Lear who believes he is the Returned Christ and fronted by a sadistic animal named Alan Douglas formerly known as Angelus Domini.

On the heels of Exposing The Cult of RayEL, Cult Leader Alan Douglas has made a serious threat which is posted below.  This speaks volumes about the insidious character that fronts this cult.

As you will see Alan Douglas has THREATENED publically to kidnap  and harm my son if I don’t shut up.   I live in England.  So those members of Clergy who reside here are :-

  • Cardinal Samantha Kennedy 
  • Archbishop Tommy Cavin 
  • Knight / Priest Mark McLean 

Note the words I can order my members to hang around his school.  We want to Protect Him.   Like Fuck, you twisted Faggot!   You come anywhere near me or mine and I will gut you! that’s not a threat, its a promise! and that goes for any other member of this diabolical cult.

untitled copy.png

This was accompanied with a picture of my Son.  You can visit the conversation on our Public Facebook Page.  

This monster, Alan Douglas pilfered through my personal Facebook page and selected a picture of my Son and posted it with the above accompanying message.  .  

Why has this come about…

This infantile idiot believes himself to be a ‘Knights Templar’, he lords it around Facebook and other Social Media outlets.  He doesn’t like the fact that the Lord RayEL Exposed Team, are exposing him and his so called ‘clergy’ for being charlatans and


I would urge, anybody associated with this cult to step back and look at the threat posted above and revaluate EVERYTHING.   I’d start right at the very beginning and look at the very first so called piece of evidence that was put forward as Raymond Lear being the Returned Christ.

Then, think about all the other claims they have made,  evaluate and research them as I and others have and then you will see that you have been duped big time.   All my investigations have sources and these are provided within my blogs.   You see, that is exactly what they do not like – EVIDENCE.  I am sharing this THREAT to SHOW YOU how dangerous this cult is.

Those who are in this cult or are thinking of joining, is this really what you signed / or are signing up to, Kidnapping a Child ? 

A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception. Why?   Think also about who is actually Lord RayEL , have you researched who he is ?   What prophecies have actually come true?   How has this information been disseminated?.   Well, I’ve started now to look at these ‘so called prophecies’ which are linked to Richard Ruff’s Torah Code Bullshit! and most of these inane stories are posted on the Before It’s News Site (Yeah, like – Jesus is going to post on such a newsworthy site) and they are rather MORONIC., but hey … more to come on that SOON!

A cult will have a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations front which hides what the group is really like, but, if you have been witnessing their antics the last couple of months, you will have seen the true nature of what this cult is ….   The awful attack on the female of the species, demonising several ex-clergies partners; the degrading remarks made to 50% of the populous (Females);  The racist and bigotry levied at black people and truly heartless doctrine on mental illness.

I WILL MAKE THIS CLEAR NOW … The above threat is being dealt with.   Should anybody wish to make contact with the Police regarding any threats made to them or their loved ones, please contact me or the Exposed Team and we will provide you with the necessary  Case Number and Contact Details.

“Samantha Kennedy has already threatened to burn me as a witch”  

This so called Knights Templar then later went onto post :-

Visit Lord RayEL Exposed and you can read the transcript

THESE ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE CULT – Those who could harm my family on the orders of the barbaric animal Alan Douglas.

  • Richard Ruff Prime Cleric (AU)
  • Emil Johnasson
  • Petri Olavi Huhtanen
  • Art Benetton Miranda
  • Mark McLean (England)
  • Stein Reno Jonsson
  • Vicky Bidlack (USA)
  • Christopher Dallas Satterwhite (USA)
  • Donnie Chong
  • Valentina Codreanu (USA)
  • Benoit Midwood-Murray (NZ)
  • Joey Albright
  • Marion Mickens
  • Jules Dawitt
  • Mikey Harr (Mexico, USA)
  • Victoria Harr (Mexico, USA)
  • Mark DiPrimo (USA)
  • Larry Richardson
  • Jordan Rugema
  • Drew Densley (AU)
  • Colin Wyse – Deacon , England
  • John Holtby, England
  • Matt Vandermeyden, USA
  • Alfredo Murillo Martinez
  • Daniel Theirren
  • Nick Hillman
  • Judith Alexis-Marie (Russia, USA)
  • Robin Allford
  • Kamil Bista
  • Stormy Ray
  • Robert David Karoro
  • Alan Middlebrook
  • Daryl Sanchar
  • Shaklee Adams
  • Michael Isaac
  • Chris Therrien
  • Els Veie
  • Wendy Hinnant
  • Gloria Kelly
  • John Griffin II
  • Mark DiPrimo (USA)

It’s a rather exhaustive list,  all these names together with a dossier have been passed onto British Authorities  who have been alerted to the threat of abduction.   You can meet these low-lives who skulk around on Facebook pretending to be characters out of the bible and fantasying about UFO’s and worshipping the cretin Alan Douglas by visiting their congregation.

As discussed in previous blogs, this is a very dangerous cult.  Alan Douglas, the Cult Leader is a sociopath.  It is in his very own gospel that he goes into detail about having sex with children, that this is acceptable as long as it’s consensual.  ABUSE in his eyes does not exist.   All those whom are involved in this cult, have read that Gospel and all are quite willing to share its contents.   Therefore, they too condone paedophilia.

To announce publicly, that this animal is willing to kidnap my son, and all he needs to do is to order members of his congregation is somewhat alarming.  This is harassment.  Furthermore, this is not the first time, that children have been used to ‘shut people up’.  Former Cult member Donnon Russell, was threatened by Alan Douglas (Angelus Domini) and Domini posted pictures of Donnon’s son online.

Cult leadership is feared. To disagree with leadership is the same as disagreeing with God. The cult leaders will claim to have direct authority from God to control almost all aspects of your life.


The writer has proved time and time again that he is a FAKE.   A false pathetic prophet who has a bunch of Neanderthals trolling Facebook and other forms of Social Media with their inane claptrap.  This is not a religious group, this is a group of freeloading thugs.  Make no mistake friends, Lord RayEL Exposed are not going to go quietly in the night we will continue to work insidiously exposing this diabolical cult for what it is.

Twiggie, 2016

False Prophets Exposed


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