On various sites in youtube and posted announcement of publicity, on many templar sites, promoted by a group of fake templars, have declared, the return of Jesvs Christ has taken place. Saying that in 2011 Christ under the name rayel has returned. For this the group has shown a youtube video as proof of his return. They also claim that due to a three year blackout the news only now comes to light Is this so?


First let us state the one important fact: We would be glad If the Saviour had returned, it would mean the end of all wars, all false religion will be gone and the end of goverment in opposition to Christ. And for Us the return of the messiah could not come soon enough, but we all know, that of that day and hour, no one knows, save the father.

To all templars, decide for yourselfs it to be true or not, but we believe that when the Christ does arrive, he will not need internet or twitter or facebook or skype or any other medium, not even trolls like joe monte, angelus domini and joe johansson to procaliam this return!

Just as the messiah was declared by God when a voice spoke from heaven: “This is my Son the Beloved, Listen to him” So it will happen again, the Son of man will be seen and heard world wide for all to see without the need of TV, radio, internet or troll etc. Really! As if Christ was not powerfull enough to proclaim himself. Glorious will be that day when he arrives!

the person, who pretends to be the returned Christ! A convicted criminal! what a blasphemy!
Raymond Lear who pretends to be the Returned Christ.   A Convicted Criminal.  What Blasphemy!


Raymond Howard Lear gets a mention here by The Templars, that he is a false prophet.


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False Prophets Exposed, 2016