More flights of fantasy from the koolaid bunch at team RayEL.   This one is a corker.  

We all know how the story goes … Raymond Lear infused with spirit of the annunaki (2011) DEBUNKED  and then this debunked light show whizzed across the Atlantic and hit Raymond Lear.  Shortly afterwards he was announced as Lord Rayel. His body a host for The Annunaki Enlil.    A few badly made you tube videos, one show him riding on a pony wearing Templar garb, resembling a fat and unhealthy version of Cesare Borgia and he is now the returned Jesus Christ.  

So the ANNUNAKI are back, the creators of mankind.  Let us not forget here that Nibiru is the mythical planet created by Zachariah Sitchen and this cult has heavily plagiarised his work to form their narrative.   Yup … Raymond Lear is the Lord of Storms Enlil.  Then we learn that … 

2000 years ago he was Christ (Yeshua) and we all know how that story ended but Team RayEL added that …. his soul went back to the Annunaki.  

Then …. get this no dates or accounts given apart from prancing about in a Facebook group that for a time was a virtual Camelot until His first wave of recruits to the cult wised up and dismantled his online church.  Anyhow … digress.  Enlil (Raymond) was then King Arthur but then asked his Former Nuncio Carter Davis to research the History of Arthur for Team RayEL ! 

He was Horus (May, 2016) 

Pahana (October, 2016) There are many prophesies related to the return of the older “White Brother” who is called “Pahana”. Many believe that we are living in the “End Times”, and therefore they expect Pahana to return soon, before the time of the “Great Purification” of Hopi prophecy.  It is said that Pahana will bring with him a great hope for the survival of humanity.   Which is amusing, as all RayEL claims is death, destruction and lens flares.  But, it is little wonder really that he is now claiming to be Pahana.  I mean, just cutting it as Jesus hasn’t worked out and they need something to refocus on.   The prophecy states Pahana will return from the East and bring the People a new religion which is not really new.   The Ecumenical Order of Christ, I presume, are referring to the Jerusalem event which has been debunked countless times.   So … to start with this is a huge no no.  

November 2016 and we have returned back to the realms of fantasy.   He’s now the Dragon Slayer  Ichneumon  which is an enormous giggle … An Ichneumon in medieval Literature was an enemy of the dragon.  Rather like a spiny mongoose.  

A sermon and evidence of Dragons posted by Senior Deaconess.  

Posted by Senior Deaconess in the International Congregation of Lord Rayel

Evidence.   My personal favourites is that Dragons don’t fart and that with the incoming Nibiru …. the ice is melting and their eggs are hatching ! 

Not to be outdone in the stupidity stakes, Tweedledum (Mikey Harr) announces to the very same congregation that the alleged “trumpets” being heard are Dragons.  

Next week this returned Christ  will be Snotgobbler I.   

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