You Tuber Matthew Rogers / Matt Rogers / Black Star Respect avid Nibiru /Planet X ‘Researcher’ informs his 2337 subscribers in his latest video dated 17th November 2016 entitled ‘Sun Simulator Nibiru effecting suns core’ that yet again Nibiru is here, in our system and that it is reeking havoc.   

A rather ambiguous image was sent by one of his subscribers and this was shown in the video.  The image was of a Sun Simulator.  

Screenshot of Sun Simulator

By Matthew’s logic “the Simulator is up there to try and hide the Nibiru System and basically what is happening is Nibiru is by the Sun, Nemesis and the moons are all there okay, and they are actually causing so much trouble to the suns core right now.  The dwarf star is actually harming our sun and it’s getting very active causing solar storms to earth 🌏 and pumping out solar storms all into space and the other celestial bodies throughout the solar system.  We are at high risk as we were in the summer 2016 and we are still at high risk cause the sun is at Solar Maximum but the secret is basically that the Nibiru System is pulling and tugging on our sun now and anything absolutely anything could happen” 
Right … before I start, does that sound logical ? Read it again, those are his exact words.   For now, I’m going to stop, and back up just a little.   

Solar Maximum … hmmm.   Where on earth did he get this information from? 

In actual fact 2016 brings us decreasing sunspot numbers, lowered solar output, and the return to solar minimum whopping porky 🐷.   So you see, that sort of puts exactly what he has stated into perspective.  

I actually posted a comment on Matthew Rogers channel pointing this out.   My comment was deleted.   

Now, ask yourself why  a “credible” Nibiru Researcher would delete that comment? 

Matthew Rogers continues ..

And with all the trash that is coming in from the Nibiru system okay when it hit through the Oort Cloud, it’s just basically a situation where I believe that in December 2016 we are going to see some big differences” 

Neither does that grammatically make sense but how does that statement connect with what was said earlier, Didn’t he say that Nibiru was next to the sun ! 

Now for some pretty graphics.  

Distance from Oort to Sun – 100,000 times Earth’s distance from the sun, a distance of up to 9.3 trillion miles (15 trillion kilometers)

When you think about it logically,  comet Hyakutake passed within 9 million miles (15 million kilometers) of Earth in 1996, it was completing a journey of about 17,000 years from the distant reaches of the Oort Cloud and Mythical Nibiru is supposed to be on a 3600 cycle ? 

Matthew then goes onto say … that the sun is burning our clouds away and that is the reason for chemtrailing.  (By his logic this must have something to do with the Solar Maximum we are in 🐷being caused by Nibiru next to the sun) 😂

Oh … the next porky 🐷 told was that Nibiru has visited 6 times before …. okay Matthew just for the record …. what were the EXACT dates for this, provide the   archeological evidence to back this  assumption up, perhaps also mention to your subscribers that in fact WE ARE NOT IN SOLAR MAXIMUM THEREFORE NIBIRU IS NOT AFFECTING THE SUNS CORE! 

Twiggie, False Prophets Exposed.