By Nemesis Flower

MAIN CLERGY PROFILES of  Cult known as The Ecumenical Order of Christ / International Congregation of Lord RayEL / Sanctuary Interfaith by Nemesis Flower of False Prophets Exposed.  

Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari Punishment of Lust (detail) c.1579 Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy.

Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear
False Messiah, 
Lord Rayel, Ra-El, Lerael, Ba’al.  

The man himself is a fake internet messiah, Anunnaki God Enlil, King Arthur, Pahana Hopi Lost White Brother, have I missed anything ! Maybe so, because there are so many personas for this fake. 

Raymond Lear, failed politician,one time member of the Chicago Guardian Angels, wife-beater, kidnapper and wanted criminal. 

He claims to be the returned Yeshua come to judge the world with chastisements and demands Worship.   Every Volcano, Earthquake, mass animal die offs, tsunami, meteor, near miss asteroid and the planet Nibiru and Nemesis Star System the cult   And the man has claimed responsibility for them. If a sparrow farts in Kathmandu and causes Worlds to collide, you can bet that a Richard Ruff Torah Code will prove it was Lord Rayel. Can you even believe that not one member of the Ecumenical Order of Christ has even met this person, face to face. Yet he has such a hold over many people. A very sad thing to behold. Raymond Lear is also very probably the entity known as Alan Douglas/Angelus Domini. Although, his whereabouts are not known it is highly likely that he is located close to Baja, possibly Tihuana where numerous IP traces have been tracked to an area of Tihuana when tracking Alan Douglas. This man is a fooking  FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE ……

De civitate dei in the French translation of Raoul de Presles. 14th century – Collecting Souls


Alan Douglas: Imperial Regent. Also known as Angelus Domini, Angelo Douglas, AD. ADE, Merlin.  

All these names are pseudonyms and it is %99.9 certain that he is in fact the entitiy known as Lord Rayel himself, Raymond Howard-Lear.    Alan Douglas, a faceless entity in the congregation, claims to be the right hand man of Lord Rayel and is with him 24/7. This man is the author of the book the Gospel of Angelus Domini, by all accounts this a collection of plagiarised scripture and sets out the beliefs of the Congregation of Lord Rayel. In this book you will find reference to sex with children and how this is acceptable in the eyes of Lord Rayel. He has a disdain for women and people of black african descent as has been made clear in his recent writing found in the Congregation page. Very recently he has threatened to kidnap the child of a most well respected opponent of the congregation because of her relentless opposition and research that she has done in exposing the fraud that is this so called Lord Rayel (returned messiah).  She is also not the only one that has been threatened by him. In all, Alan Douglas is one of the nastiest characters in the Congregation of Lord Rayel. A very dangerous sociopath, liar and a fraud.

Disappeared from Facebook Congregation December 2016

Richard Ruff: Cardinal, Prime Cleric 

Richard is the main poster boy for the Ecumenical Order of Christ. Based in Queensland Australia, Richard has been a main clergy member since at least 2011, when the whole RAYEL thing went public. He has past affiliations with the MMM (Magnificat Meal Movement) a cult founded in Australia by Debra Burslem, conwoman and charlatan.   Richard attempted to join the cults, but Debra turned her back.   Since, Richard has publicaly slandered her and used Torah Codes to blemish her character.    Lord RayEL claimed to have chastised her by sending a storm to the island of Vanuatu where she now is residing.    Richard claims to be one of the top torah code researchers in the world although other top torah code researchers would disagree. He claimed that he first of all tried to use the torah codes to debunk RAYEL and couldn’t so he became a member of the Congregation. This is highly unlikely, when you look at the first images of documented evidence presented on the ra-el website (Waybackmachine, Internet Archive).  These are of course all claims and not necessarily true. Richard has claimed that he is the returned Moses and did his own torah codes to “prove” that he is Moses. This man is always requesting money from the congregation for one thing or another.  Most notably in 2015 he requested money for two trips; one to a seminar in Baja, Mexico that was attended by only clergy members that took place in a lovely hotel in Baja (film set for Titanic) all laid on at the expense of the Congregation.  Secondly, another request for money for a trip to New Zealand supposedly as a stop off to meet the elders of the maori tribes before going on to Israel.  Whilst he may well have met the elders this trip was an excuse for a wedding anniversary jolly with his wife Linda and incidentally he never went on to Israel as he was supposed to. In March and April of 2016 many of the clergy took up the “call” to go to Israel before Purim and where they were subsequently deported from in June. Richard along with Alan Douglas/Lord Rayel did not go to Israel at that time despite many times indicating that they would do so and encouraging all clergy and followers to make the trip. 2016 and he was requesting money for a CPAP machine for his Wife.  

Kelly Patrick: Cardinal, Vicar General. Mary Magdalene.  

Queen Bee Kelly has been in Baja since 2014. 2016, listed as Admin on Sanctuary Website.

This lady is definitely the matriarch of the congregation. She left her family to be in Baja, although she maintains a good relationship with them. One of the group that went to Israel, using Harrs inheritance and took her cats, she was subsequently, along with the rest of the group in Israel arrested and deported from that country after a relative of one of that group raised grave concerns with the authorities that there was a possibility of a mass suicide of the group suspected because of the way the group were openly discussing the receiving of new bodies “soon”. Upon deportation from Israel Kelly along with other members of the group returned to Baja were she remains to date.

Clarke Isaac: Cardinal. 

Clark has been in Baja since 2014, one of the main clergy and part of the group that went to Israel 2016  and is now in Russia alongwith Joe Monte and Judith. Ex American soldier, reported to have left the forces after a breakdown and  suggestions of being bullied by other service personnel. Estranged from his family (wife,child). Clark was the one who “accidently” bumped into Rabbi Glazerson in Israel and arranged to have a coffee with the gentleman without revealing that he was affiliated with the Congregation of Lord Rayel. Clark posted a video in Lord Rayel’s secret group to brag about his coup, with strict instructions to not reveal or share the video anywhere else. (this writer did of course leak said video to a certain lady) and that video can be seen on this blog.   Clark is a somewhat arrogant individual and if you cross him, you will be blocked immediately on Facebook.   As we all know, ask too many awkward questions in the Congregation and a ban is swift.    There was also a rumour that he served prison time for physically assaulting his younger handicapped brother.  
Named as Benefactor of Sanctuary Interfaith January 2016.  

Joe Monte: Cardinal

Joe has been a part of the Congregation and was at Baja since 2014. He too, was part of the group that went to Israel.   In fact, it was Joe who left for Istael in November, 2015.  Currently, he is situated in Russia (possibly Moscow) along with Clark Isaac  and Judith Alexis Marie (Flower Girl).   Quite the smooth talker is Joe, bit of a salesmen type, could sell snow to the Eskimos and could certainly sell the idea that the Messiah has returned. Well educated and comes across as quite intelligent, very much the meteorologist, the congregations weather expert.   He was also meant to have been a very good golfer, with a high chance of going pro. Similar in a way to Adams Muema’s story.

Colin  Wyse: Priest Knight

Colin is the brother of Cardinal Samantha Kennedy and like her resides in Beverley Yorkshire. A once homeless man, Colin has had his fair share of hardships. At this time he is possibly living with a friend John Holtby (another follower of Rayel). Colin is very much influenced by his Sister, indeed his sister Sammy takes care of Colin, and she has very recently told that her brother Colin is suffering from alzheimers. A very quiet man in the congregation, Colin very rarely posts anything in the page, although he has done a few sermon videos, obviously under instruction from Sammy., you will see Colin stumble through his lines as he reads from a screen. In these very recent videos you will see he dons a priest collar with a background screen of a cathedral, as indeed have all clergy who have made recent sermon videos to give the impression that they are all ordained ministers of the Christian Church.  Which is very  deceptive? in my humble opinion. Like his sister Sammy, Colin was influenced to join the cult of Rayel after watching the video entitled Arrival of an Alien God, the now debunked video of the Jerusalem UFO.

Samantha Kennedy. Cardinal, Apostolic Presbyter (an elder or minister of the church)

From Beverley England, our very own Samantha Kennedy, the head of the church of Raytards in England, has made her way up the ranks in the past couple of years from priestess to Cardinal, these titles are what the Rayelites periodically award themselves and are in no way affiliated with any recognised church and are therefore meaningless to anyone else but a raytard. Samantha has claimed that she is the returned John the Apostle of Patmos a scribe of the revelations in the new testament. Sammy has never given any explanation as to how she believes she is John the Apostle other than to say she has a “cascade of memories” oh and a Torah Code says so. On You Tube tube you will find many videos done by this lady, some singing (badly) various sermons and of course many rants at Rabbis, and a certain Rabbi in particular Matityaha Glazerson. For some reason the clergy bear a real grudge against Rabbi Glazerson,  maybe because he is well respected in his field and will have nothing to do with the cult of RAYEL. Over the last couple of years Cardinal Samantha has claimed that she has had prophetic visions and in truth this lady does see herself as a prophet. In my opinion Sammy is extremely fanatical about Lord Rayel and has made her own Gospel to follow the Gospel of Angelus Domini, this can be found online in files of the Congregation of Lord Rayel and is chock full of yet again plagiarised scripture and written in the style of shakespeare, totally full of “haths” “doths” and of course bullshit. I am afraid this lady is dangerously delusional and has gathered her own little band of 3 followers among her immediate  friends.

Mark Mclean: Bishop

Mark has very recently been promoted to Bishop, residing in Cholsey near London, Mark has been in the congregation for a couple of years although he has been observing the EOC since about 2011/12. Yet again someone else influenced by watching the Jerusalem UFO video. Mark is not very active on the congregation page although he does work diligently behind the scenes, posting on twitter, sending emails etc. In 2015 instructions were given to the clergy to visit the embassies and consulates to spread the news of the “returned Messiah” this, so we are told Mark promptly did although no videos or photographs were posted as proof, just have to take Marks word that he did in fact do just that, this writer was going to join him in that mission when still a priestess in the congregation but at the last minute didnt (thankfully), as doing such a thing is likely to bring unwanted attention from authorities and could very well end up being put on a MI5 watch list as being a member of a cult is likely to do. A very quiet pleasant person is Mark, Such a shame he has come under the influence of this sinister cult of Rayel.

Michael Harr- Mikey, Deacon / Knight. 

Mikey and his wife Victoria have been members of the EOC since 2015. After gifting the sum of $30.000 inheritance money to the clergy for the purposes of going to israel, He and his wife arrived in Baja around march of 2015. They were themselves intending to go to israel but as mikey messed up the visa application they were forced to change plans and go to Baja where they are at present. Very vocal in the congregation page, mikey has clashed many times with people who dare to question the ideology of the teachings of Rayel. Both Mikey and Victoria have what can be described as a strange relationship. Mikey is the daddy dom and of course victoria is the little girl. This is a fetish which is from a dominant, submissive relationship described as being at the milder end of the BDSM scene. So no mistaking here who is in charge of Victoria.   Recently, his behaviour has been most disturbing, a video released and uploaded to You Tube giving a sermon, he was intoxicated.  

Victoria Harr. (real name is Natalie Hicks) Senior Deaconess. Victoria is the wife of Mikel Harr. A sweet girl by all accounts and totally submissive to Mikey, who she calls daddy. She is the little girl of the relationship and does precisely what daddy tells her to like a good little girl. She has several photos (now removed) where she sucks on a dummy holds teddy bears etc. She is also quite vocal in the congregation page and one of the few who post many things in the page of the EOC. There is some vulnerability here and she does seem quite popular with the rest of the EOC. After observing her in a video this writer believes there may be some degree of learning difficulties with this girl. Definite daddy issues with this one.Victoria and her husband mikey arrived in Baja in march 2016 after gifting the sum of $30.000 to enable the rest of the clergy to locate to israel, which they did within the week of receiving the money with a thankyou to the harrs and leaving them shortly afterwards homeless when the clergy house in Baja was given up obviously in favour of shifting resources to the new expensive clergy house in Israel. The Harrs being homeless were then forced to bunk down with Willie Scroggins, another EOC clergy member at his girlfriends apartment. To date victoria and her husband are still in Baja.

Selena Roberts Scott, Bishop

This lady is always happy always smiling, Selena arrived in Baja in 2014 either shortly before Kelly, Clark , Joe etc, where she shared a room originally with Elaine Elliot, who stated that Selena was very fond of her tinnies (booze). Not very well health wise, Selena has on many occasions mentioned that she can’t wait for her new body, that Rayel will kindly supply her with once the lords “saints” arrive in the new Kingdom. So confident is she that this will happen, she has put down any medication she previously relied upon for her health. Ever cheerful Selena is relishing the start of the Apocalypse, and has the popcorn at the ready for when the fireworks begin. One of the people who took advantage of the generous gift of money from the Harrs she promptly got on a plane with Kelly and her cats and took a flight for israel. When arrested in that country along with the rest of the clergy there, she was 1 of the last to be deported, after her deportation from israel she once again returned to Baja where she remains to this day. Very recently the old false messiah, Rayel (Raymond Lear) has stated through “Alan Douglas” or rather Lear himself that he is judging the nations and the one nation or race he is judging most harshly are those of Black African descent. Selena is so brainwashed, that she has stated she is in full acceptance of this, which is strange as this lady is of Black African descent herself. Very sad to see in my opinion, most black women i know are incredibly proud of their African heritage.   In January 2016 Selena was listed as Benefactor of Sanctuary Interfaith.  

Eric Logan, Archbishop  

Eric joined the crew in Baja in 2014 along with most of the main clergy. A seemingly mild mannered sweet man. Has suffered much in early youth as he has said in his early sermons. This nice chap does much work behind the scenes and has done a few sermons. Eric went to Israel back in march, April with many of the other clergy and was deported by the authorities along with the rest of the rayelites and ended up back in Baja. He is a devout rayelite, for all his niceness he supports a wife beating, misogynistic, charlatan, liar who he would have you believe is the returned messiah, supports the teachings of Alan Douglas, who if you have read his gospel, you will see references to child sex. Hmmm not that nice when you really think about it..

Corey De Francesco, Bishop

This chap is exceedingly shy. He is not keen on other people and does not like to communicate much. You will rarely see him making comments if at all in the congregation page. much of his work is done behind the scenes. He is what could be described as the money man, secretary of the budget finance committee at temple of messiah ( a website) and video producer director editor of Armageddon Broadcast Network. Corey joined the rayelites in Baja in 2014 along with most of the clergy. He also joined the crew in Israel back in march,april of 2016 and was subsequently deported and ended up back in Baja where he is today.  Posts on Before Its News (taken over from the Apostolate)

Judith Alexis Marie, Senior Deaconess

Judith is a relative new comer to the clergy. She first came to this writers attention back in May 2016 when she arrived in Israel with John Griffin. A very soft spoken and sweet young lady she was of course deported back to the states along with the rest of the clergy who where in Israel. She is at this time on a “mission” in Russia along with Joe Monte and CJ Isaacs and what that “mission” is we can only speculate as the ICOLR are very tight lipped about what they are doing, possibly because of what happened to members in Israel re: deported. This lady has done a few sermons, she is all very much love and light, which makes one wonder why she would follow such a misogynistic, racist cult that agrees with child sex.