You Tuber Matthew Rogers / Matt Rogers Channel changes to Black Star Respect On 19th November 2016.  The content of the You Tube Channel has been hidden, although it still retains   subscribers.

Whether he has changed the name to branch out further into the whole ‘Nibiru / Planet X field’ or perhaps because of the heat received off followers and subscribers calling him out on his abhorrent lies, only time will tell.

Later in the day, the channels name changed again …

This is the monthly income generated by the Matt Rogers /Matthew Rogers Channel for publishing claptrap.   By using social blade, you can access monthly and yearly views % positive or negative amount earned by video subscribers.  When you start to analyse the statistical information, you can see why it is so important to keep feeding the machine with their lies, and weather reports 😂

It should also be noted here that Matthew Rogers over a month ago was organising a Nibiru Conference in the Uk where Samantha Kennedy of the Ecumenical Order of Christ (Lord RayEL’s nutter) was entertaining the notion of being a guest speaker.

Rogers has also started another You Tube Channel named Nemesis System Scan


Which later on the 20 November changed to 

Then 21st 

Comments disabled on new channels.  

Many thanks to Rene Padilla for the satitisical analysis of the You Tube Channel.
Twiggie, 2016