Educating the masses they pride themselves upon.  That’s what the Ecumenical Order of Christ pride themselves upon whose messiah is a wanted con-man, a failed politician from Chicago who is now some kind of annunaki half breed Jesus wannabe.   

As reported before the clergy post inane uneducated videos in their International  Congregation in Facebook.  These videos are created by You Tubers whom make a living by falsifying images and footage for monetary gain.   This blog will highlight a recent example of this.   

Clergy often post Videos from You Tube Channels as evidence that Nibiru is real.
‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas is full of IT. Feeding the Nibiru Machine
Let’s not forget that The Clergy were deported from Israel for being reported by concerned family members to numerous agencies (FBI, Interpol, Israeli Authorities) that they were going to commit mass suicide.  Remember also that Rayel and ‘Moses’ failed to materialise in Israel for Purim.

“The destroyer is hurtling towards earth”.  Let’s just take a sneaky peak at footage Posted by WSO – Special Report – What The Heck is on H1 on 19 November 2016.  

Screenshot from WSO You Tube Channel showing what they stated was The Destroyer

The tiny dot on the above picture is Planet Earth.  By all tokens the mythical Planet Nibiru (Destroyer) is supposed to be 4 times the size of Earth.  The image shown above is how many times bigger ? In this video the hosts Steve Olson and  R. Wayne Steiger discuss this anomaly and Steiger goes onto catergorically state “ladies and gentlemen this is no lens flare, this is what I think is the Destroyer”.  

So the burning question is what exactly is this object showing up on Setchi H1 ? 

The two STEREO craft were launched 10 years ago to take images of the Sun from opposing sides, to allow solar phenomena like coronal mass ejections to be better observed.    This equipment by technological years is rather old now, and is prone to having hiccups.  NASA has already pointed out other malfunctions with this equipment.  These types of images are rather common.  A link is provided in the sources section below which pinpoints you to corrupted imagery on the NASA website.  

This is a bleed over in the signals from the various cameras. If you compare the Stereo HI1 pictures with Stereo Ahead EUV1 304 imagery for the same dates, this object looks exactly like the sun, only inverted.    

screenshot from Dazzatgecameraman Video showing Stereo Ahead H1 and Stereo Ahead EUVI 171 (same date and time)

You Tuber Dazzathecameraman made contact with NASA regarding this anomaly and received an email back from Dr Joseph B. Gurman STEREO Project Scientist.    

You can watch his video here

Email …

So Back to the Snake Oil Charmers … these so called You Tube Prophets for Profits
WSO is a You Tube Channel which has decided to couple its channel with a ‘Ministry’.  Steve Olson, the Owner,  recently has decided to open a website that requires a paid subscription.  Only people who have paid this subscription will be privy to the premium content that allegedly will tell people how to survive the Nibiru cataclysm.  Honestly, based upon this video he has presented as being THE DESTROYER I would save your pennies, grab a coffee latte and thank your lucky stars that you will not become a NibiruTURD.  Seriously, though by doing this, charging  for “premium  content” in fact makes The Channel and Steve Olson the same as the elites he apparently railies against. Think about it … if you don’t have enough money you don’t get to be saved from Nibiru. Hmmmmm it’s the same as one of the NWO puppets Lord RayEL and his Ecumenical Order of Christs (EOC) weekly sermon …. Tithe … if you don’t, you will not be saved ! This strongly suggests that Steve Olson may be a disinformation agent for the elite. 

Coupling his NWO channel with a ministry makes him one of the false prophets the bible has warned us against.  A false teacher can be anyone in a position of spiritual authority or claiming to be. Wolves don’t often attack wolves, but they do go after sheep. They bring destructive teachings and lies, providing layers of truth mixed with error.  

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:15-16b).

Nibiru channels (are very much like the EOC) they too only allow people who speak the party’s line to be seen in their comments.  Apparently, anyone with a differing opinion is threatened, insulted and worst of all the Nibiru channel owner will encourage his followers to attack the dissenter. We are not talking a couple of followers here.   These channels have thousands of subscribers.   Only allowing one point of view is exactly what you would expect from the elite.  Their heavy handed tactics are the same as fascist governments everywhere. 

Think about it … If the Nibiru channels are in fact speaking the truth they would not feel so threatened by people asking rational questions.  Their responses speak louder than any words that these channels do notin fact speak truth.  Rather these channels have cobbled together bits and pieces of ancient myths, misinterpretations and defunct scientific theories to create an atomosphere of fear.  Does that sound Familiar ?  Insert here the Cult of RayEL ! 

The reason why they do this all boils down to money and TITHES.  If you ever wonder how much money these channels make go to and look for yourself.  As of  November 19, 2016 Steve Olson is showing a $4500.00 a month earnings.  

Another You Tube Channel which is heavily used for information by the EOC is Nibiru Planet x 2016 which is hosted by Scott C’one whom again is a Snake Oil Sakesman and earns approximately $4100.00 a month.   He too, uploaded to You Tube and shared exactly the same content sensationally claiming that the object was Nibiru.  

Again, my comments were deleted when commenting on his channel.  

This whole Nibiru Scare Mongering Campaign online is rather a lucrative business.  Think about it $4500.00 a month to make videos of lens flares and scare people who are either gullible or easily persuaded.  True this money comes from advertisers and not the viewers, but the viewers are the ones who make real life decisions based on the false fearmongering information being presented by these channels.  

In this recent move to a subscription based website (WSO) Steve Olson has gone to the point he is in fact taking money from his viewers. He also claims himself as a ministry to avoid taxation. So he earns $4500.00 a month tax free just for causing fear. WSO Network a different YouTube channel has publicly gone on the record disassociating with Steve Olson over this issue. Olson and C’one have uploaded mutual videos of eachother as well as leaving many supporting comments on the others channels.  But these guys are small fry compared the the Puppet Masters.   All these small channels indeed are dependent on one another as they feed the disinformation machine.   These two mentioned here, WSO and Nibiru Planet X are connected to Marshall Masters.  It’s a pyramid scheme for the big boys.  

Artwork: Mel Nibson Comet H.

Sadly, then you get the likes of the Cult of RayEL using their uneducated;  unscientific, baseless videos as a tool to scare people as highlighted in this blog. ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas stated … that this indeed was the Destroyer.  What a pillock.   Everytime he opens his mouth (keyboard warrior – inane BS follows).   These Nibiru videos are used to fit in with the Cults annunaki narrative.   You are constantly led to believe that these lens flares / Earthquakes etc are acts of Lord RayEL’s wrath or signs that he is here.   It’s all incredibly sickening.  

I’d like to thank Rene Padilla for information on Both You Tube Channels, WSO and Nibiru Planet X 2016, The Group T.r.o.l.l.s (Truth and Reason Over Litany and Lies) and Dazzathecameraman for the use of his video and email as further evidence that the Secchi Anomaly was indeed not The Destroyer ! 

Twiggie, 2016 

Sources and Further Information