Independent Torah Code Researcher has revealed that Raymond Lear is not Christ Returned but in fact Baal. 

Torah Code Researcher locates RayEL in Torah as Baal



Baal is a very ancient and powerful fallen being that is the beast that will arise out of the earth as seen in Revelation 13.  The EOC have confirmed this in their teachings.   

‚ÄúBut I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel which ye have not accepted, ye might wellye might well bear with him. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.‚ÄĚ II Cor. 11:3,4; 13-15

Baal is the Christian King of Hell (also given as Baalim and Bael) may be the worst demon there is, he is said to be the ruling King of hell. In the Bible Baal (Enlil) is presented as a ‘false god’ of the ‘foreign heathens’, slandered as a ‘perverse idol’ of the Philistines and his name is denigrated as Ba’al Zevuv (Beelzebub), a play on words in Hebrew and a mocking expression whose meaning is ‘lord of the flies’. Some biblical scholars propose the possibility that Ba’al Zevuv is a disrespectful corruption of the divine title Ba’al Zebul which means ‘lord of the high places’ (Freedman et al., 2000xvi), an epithet similar to Enlil (lord of the air). So this, Christian King of Hell, his role as that of the right hand of Satan, and as the leader of sixty-six legions of lesser demons, makes him possibly the most dangerous entity ever conceived. His high rank and responsibility may make him less of a threat to the average living human, though ruthlessness and an all out passion for satanic power make him humanity‚Äôs worst nightmare.

In the Hebrew Bible Baal is accused of human sacrifice and in Christianity he is slandered as the ‘prince of demons’

In Christian demonology, he is one of the seven princes of Hell according to Catholic views on Hell. The Dictionnaire Infernal describes Beelzebub as a demonic fly who is also known as the “Lord of the Flies”

As we well know RayEL (Baal) operates as a counterfeit ‚ÄúChrist‚ÄĚ and opposes the true Christ (ruler of religious spirits).

This rather puts the cult of RayEL into perspective. ¬† The revelation that RAYEL is Baal, somewhat suits LEAR down to a ‘T’. ¬†This Baal has claimed to have bought misery on Babylon (America) by way of disastrous weather, killing thousands since 2011.¬† Not only this, but has claimed every major natural disaster in his name, why? because humanity has ignored his very early You Tube videos announcing he is the one. Only recently, he claimed¬†that he caused the ¬† devastating earthquake in Italy, all because the Pope has not acknowledged him as the retuned ¬†Christ, or his pathetic self appointed Prophets of Doom. ¬†The numpties even got their poster boy Adam to report this on their Armageddon Broadcast News you tube channel.

It would appear that this ‘secret’ has been kept from the Clergy., as only in September, 2016, Senior Deacon Mikey Harr was reported

“Something slipped through the cracks and is now being brought forward…. The Pagan “Arch of¬†Baal” has been erected in NYC as well… so now both UK and USA have the pagan demonic doorways in their important cities… Believe me the end is coming”. (International Congregation of Lord RayEL, 24th September 2016). ¬†¬†

Cardinal Samantha Kennedy went onto say…

“They don`t know what they are messing with. It makes me angry they have put these arches up in the name of Baal. They should be smashed down. Stop the Idol worship and Come back to God before it`s too late”. (International Congregation of Lord RayEL, 24th September 2016).


Even more amusing is that Alan Douglas informed his Congregation of the secret, but the Congregation were to dumb to realise exactly what he was saying.

“THIS IS SERIOUS… Normally we brush off the majority of Evangelical Christian superstitious nonsense and fear mongering… This is NOT one of those times. ¬†These “Temple of¬†Baal” reconstructions are being done for a VERY SERIOUS purpose, and the cover-story surrounding it is pure poppycock! ¬†The United Nations would like you to believe that ISIS blew-up the Temple of¬†Baal¬†(shown in the obviously photoshopped pictures), but the massive explosion that took down this sturdy stone¬†temple, was not strong enough to topple the precarious and fragile attached “gateway”.¬†ūüėŹ¬†The U.N. states that they are rebuilding these gateways as a world-wide “gesture of defiance” against ISIS (defiance yes; against ISIS, no). This was planned way in advance, to have these “Temple of¬†Baal¬†gateways” built and strategically placed at exactly this time, for a very secret ceremonial purpose.

They know what’s about to happen”. ¬†(Alan Douglas, International¬†Congregation of Lord RayEL, 3rd April, 2016).

Another revelation is that the Cult of RayEL believe that RayEL caused the New Zealand quake, the reason being, that the NZ faction broke away after realising  they were not worshipping the true God but an agent of Satan.



The Whore of Babylon reiterates her Masters Instructions, using threats.   The angels are the Annunaki in spaceships.


This Code revealed by former Archbishop of New Zealand, is hard for the EOC to disagree with,  without disputing Richards Ruffs codes.  According to this former Archbishop

“Rayel is made up word from Raymond Lear so this is new and added to God’s words which is written not to do”.

Richard Ruff gave an explanation  explaining that Baal = husband in Hebrew demonstrating that they are desperately attempting to rubbish Daniels Baal code.

As you can see from the above,  Baal also translates as Lord. So False Prophets Exposed wonder how many times that this has  come up in Torah codes alongside RAYEL.






Hunt went onto to decipher the Baal code further.   He also pointed out that Biblically, religious scholars associate the name Baal as the God that draws human worship away from GOD. 

The following bible code categorically uses the search term Exaltedness RAYEL cheat.

The odds are somewhat staggering and amusing!

This code confirms Raymond Lears serving time in prison (both accounts 2003 and 2005)  for battery against his former partner Joyce H.   You can read all the evidence researched on this by following the following links.

Terms also found :-

  • Numb People (using fear)
  • Oakwood (area within Chicago)
  • Confusing
  • Copiest (heavily plagiarised Sitchen and other texts to form historical narrative)
  • Not Ishi (not saving)
  • Shadow Jehu (Shadow God)

There has always been some ambiguity as regards to the Torah Codes especially with respect to the name that Raymond Howard-Lear gave himself (Lord RA-el /Rayel).

Raymond Howard changed his name to Lear back in 1994. He was born Raymond Howard. (Elwood is a middle name).  To date, I have not seen one bible code that states that Raymond Howard is Christ or the Moshiach

Indeed, there are quite a few codes attributed to the spelling ra-el, but what must be taken into consideration is that letters have what is called a ‘P’ value in codes. The letters Raymond Lear chose for himself i.e ra-el have the highest ‘P’ values. Resh Alef for example, RA you can expect to find those letters literally millions of times and the same can be said about the letters EL. EL is the basic name of yahuwah and this too appears billions of times, now the yod is not needed to spell rael, but you can use it. So it is spelled either way. All Lear has done is combine 4 letters with the highest P values.

Furthermore, the spelling of RayEL, Ra-EL and translation has been argued by Hebrew Torah Scholars. Any fool knows that RA – is a Sun God (An Egyptian Sun Diety) and EL is God. However according to the EOC “The etymological origin of RayEl’s name, is traceable back to Egyptian Judaism. “RayEL” literally means “Word of God”. (, November 2016) but provide no ‘peer’ evidence to suggest such.

The title BAAL which is rather apt for Raymond Lear who has clearly lied, from the very outset of his campaign to be Jesus which has failed miserably.



False Prophets Exposed, 2016

Sources and further reading.

What does the name Israel mean? by Betty Rhodes. ¬†Is it just a co-incidence that the name ‘Israel’ incorporates three gods/goddesses, or is it the reason for the name Israel? ¬†The name ‘Israel’ according to the Jews, means “God rules”, or “God shines”

Canaan The indigenous people of the land of Canaan worshiped many gods but, chief among them, the goddess Astarte and her consort Baal (considered vegetative/fertility deities who then took on more impressive attributes earlier ascribed to Sumerian gods such as Enlil)

Baal Etymology

Baal Look up Baal at Dictionary.comBiblical, from Hebrew Ba’al, literally “owner, master, lord,” a title applied to any deity (including Jehovah), but later a name of a particular Semitic solar deity worshipped licentiously by the Phoenecians and Carthaginians; from ba’al “he took possession of,” also “he married;” related to or derived from Akkadian Belu (source of Hebrew Bel), name of Marduk. Identical with the first element in Beelzebub and the second in Hannibal. Used figuratively in English for any “false god.”

Baal – A word which belongs to the oldest stock of the Semite vocabulary and primarily means “lord”, “owner”.

Baal (Demon)is in 17th century goetic occult writings one of the seven princesof Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians.

The Harbinger of Baal appears in NYC, Jonathan Cahn explains unveiling of arch that led to temple of Ancient God.

Baal (Demon) The first of 72 spirits of Solomon (72 demons of Goetia)