You Tuber Steve Olson of WSO (Wormwood System Observer)and the Leak Project according to his bio is a researcher, cyber security expert, retired USAF who held a Top Security SBI/SCI Clearance. 

Mr. Olson brings a blockbuster amount of daily fictitious videos, pointing to the possibility that a secondary solar system is on a path that will come close to our own planet, possibly causing cataclysms on a mass scale. But last week, epically he back peddled   (On a You Tube video) whilst travelling down to North Dakota.  Steve Olson has joined many at  Standing Rock which has reportedly been overrun with white demonstrators trying to soak up the ‘cultural experience’.  This cultural tourist has recently said that the ‘natives can go to hell’.

Steve Olson flip-flops from day to day regarding the ‘Nibiru Cataclysm’ and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with his sociopathic daily antics.   Last week he stated that the Nibiru Cataclysm wouldn’t be that bad.  This was rather a huge, huge, huge, backpeddle as he has being promulgating fear and false predictions for a long long time.


The You Tube Channel WSO is monetised and is cunningly  tagged under a ‘Ministry’ therefore he evades paying Tax on any revenue received.   Socialblade, a website, that enables you to check channel statistics does not give a cumulative figure for 2016 revenue, however, it does show a staggering projection of $51.2k annually (2016).  WSO is in the process of building a website, they hope to generate more income by selling merchandise  (T-shirts) and subscriptions for premium content.  This ‘premium content’ is of special interest, apparently only people who have paid a subscription will be privy to the premium content that allegedly will tell them how to survive the Nibiru cataclysm (which now is not going to be that bad)

You Tuber Prophet for Profits

According to T.R.O.L.L. (Truth & Reason over Litany and Lies)  there has been several out-cries from Steve Olson’s subs, questioning his intentions to have the premium section that basically omits those whom cannot afford to pay and have supported him from the outset.  Furthermore,  those whom have already paid upfront (subs) are complaining that they still do not have access to the site. Steve Olson began collecting money before he went on his (jolly)  to North Dakota and as of November 2016 the site is still NOT fully functional, due to technical difficulties.

Backpeddling appears to be reoccurring theme.   Recently, it has been observed that he is incrementally and intentionally discrediting himself to what T.R.O.L.L. consider a means of an ‘out’.   This is evident by his recent Nephilim videos and retracting his initial doomsday promotions.     It also should be noted here that although he has openly stated that the Nibiru Cataclysm is now not Earth Shattering he has a collaborative channel with Scott C’one  “NIBIRU planet x 2017” a diehard Nibirutard.  So clearly rather  a few contradictions.  Furthermore, whilst writing, the sociopath has yet again changed his mind.   As of the 27th November, the doom is back on, and we are back to the original business concept of scaring people with natural phenomenoa.

This is a fabulous compilation of WSO latest contradictions and promotions of doom by Mari at WftsKy.    Steve Olson can definitely be catergorised as a false prophet.

Twiggie, 2016
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