Was There an Attempt to Censor Video Footage by a Government?

By Rene’ Padilla

Today we will take a look at a YouTube Nibiru doomsday channel and dissect one of its videos in an attempt to distinguish the truth from the lies.

Scott C’one is the operator of the YouTube channel Nibiru Planet X 2016. In the video titled “POSSIBLE METEOR IMPACT IN RUSSIA November 28th 2016” uploaded on November 29, 2016; Scott C’one claims that a possible meteor was seen in the skies over Russia, crashed to the Earth and was ablaze. Scott C’one then goes on to claim that an individual identified only as “Alex” was an eye witness to the event. Allegedly Alex told Scott C’one that the Russian military arrived and began asking if anyone had recorded the event. Alex allegedly was able to smuggle this footage out of the area and sent it to Scott C’one.

If you simply watch the video as a first timer with no experience with Scott C’one, Nibiru Planet X 2016 or the whole Nibiru YouTube community it appears to be a legitimate news story.

That being said several question do spring to mind for anyone with an analytical mind set: 1, Why did the Russian military who apparently had secured the scene and were allegedly attempting to keep the story from being leaked not simply search everyone present and confiscate all electronic devices such as cell phones? This is Russia after all and the laws regarding search and seizure are not the same there as they are in the United States, the country from which Scott C’one broadcasts.

So what are the laws in the Russian Federation regarding search and seizure? According to the World Fact Book of Criminal Justice they are, “Search and seizure. If certain documents or items which are important for further investigation are known to be at a certain location or at the disposal of a certain person, investigators have the right to seize these items or documents.

An investigator can perform a search to find tools used for committing a crime, documents, valuables, persons, or dead bodies.

Approval by the prosecutor is required to perform a search, to seize documents which contain State secrets, or to seize postal and telegraph correspondence.”

So again I ask how did Alex leave the scene with his cell phone still in his possession. Further research into this mystery has yielded some interesting results. A Google search for meteor impact in Russia 2016 yields nothing, if you leave of the year you are directed to numerous links of the famous air burst of a few years ago.

 Curious that the Russian Federation would allow footage of the air burst yet somehow managed to clamp down entirely on an impact just a few days ago. This is where Tige Hand comes into this narrative.

Tige Hand is a member of T.R.O.L.L. Truth and Reason Over Litany and Lies. This group is dedicated to releasing people from the false fear and anxiety caused by doomsday YouTube channels for the sole purpose of making a profit. Tige Hand contacted me and provided a link to a YouTube video and said I would be interested in watching it.

Before I get into this second video I just want to remind you that Scott C’one stated that his video was of a meteor impact in Russian on November 28, 2016 and that an individual named Alex smuggled the footage out to Scott C’one.

The video Tige Hand directed me to is in fact a Russian video uploaded on YouTube. The name of the channel is “Zona 55” and the name of the video is Пожарные не могут потушить метеорит в Омске, which translates into “Firefighters cannot extinguish a meteorite in Omsk”. This video was uploaded on November 3, 2013. Anyone who watches both videos will easily see that Scott C’one used the Omsk video from 2013 for his Meteor in Russia video 2016.

That is a three year difference. The video Scott C’one claims was of an impact on November 28, 2016 is in fact a video from 2013.

In the video there is no mention made of the Russian military as Scott C’one claimed.

 Interestingly enough Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016 has disabled comments on this video. Could the reason the comments have been disabled be due to the fact that Scott C’one used a three year old video and misrepresented it as a new video?

In the blog titled Mysterious luminous object falls in Russian forest and catches fire on Oct 15, 2013

There is a still photograph of the same image as seen in Scott C’one’s video. The Blog goes on to site Zazoom Social News as a source that identified the fire as a pile of burning rubbish i.e. garbage and in fact not a meteor at all.

Youtuber WT F SKY has uploaded an excellent video WOW! Nibiru Planet X 2016 Gets it WRONG AGAIN BEWARE CHRISTIAN DOOMS DAY ERS that points out several areas in which a comparison of the two videos shows definitively proves they are in fact the same video. Some of comparison show the same people in the same clothing.


Information obtained from Socialblade


Once again Scott C’one is proven by tangible evidence to be an unmitigated liar and a fraud. Of course Scott C’one will fall back on his usual position of “A viewer submitted it to me, I didn’t know” as he always does when he is confronted with his lies.

This leads to two questions.

  1. Since Scott C’one does not research his own material to verify it then what is the point in watching his videos filled with material that by his own admission Scott C’one does not verify?
  2. When is Scott C’one going to stop acting like a petulant child blaming everyone else for his massive blunders and take responsibility for this own videos?

 Scott C’one has no problem taking the advertisement revenue his video generate, as of the date of writing this socialblade showed an monthly earning forecast of $5300.00 and an annual earnings forecast of $63900.00, yet takes no responsibility for his theft from other channels.

Scott C’one in one day earned $1300.00 by uploading a video of a rubbish fire in Omsk Russian Federation in October 2013. This is fearmongering at it very worst. Scott C’one apparently has no real content of his own to back up his claims of a coming Nibiru Cataclysm and so sensationalized a foreign garbage fire. Is it acceptable to make $1300.00 in one day by falsely representing a gargabe fire, in the name of continuing his false Nibiru is coming narrative? This writer strongly feels that it is not.

In September 2016 Nibiru Planet X 2016 was shut down by YouTube for two days due to copyright strikes. I call upon Mr. Scott C’one to publicly apologize to his viewers, Zona 55, and YouTube in general for shamelessly stealing content from another channel, then lying about that content in an attempt to sensationalize for profit.

If you are interested in learning how much money Scott C’one makes on his Nibiru Planet X 2016 channel or any other YouTuber got to www.socialblade.com and you can search by channel name.

If you are interested in talking to a member of the T.R.O.L.L. organization or simply have a question Ask A T.R.O.L.L. and a T.R.O.L.L. team member will be happy to assist you.

Rene’ Padilla. Founding member of T.R.O.L.L.

November 30, 2016