It seems that the clergy are being quite messy with their scheme of things.

Like for instance, let’s take John Erik Hanson… He was sending threatening messages to Donnon Russell.

Maybe he should have thought twice and used the spell check function on his computer. Good thing that I am one of those people that studies every minute detail of a person before I strike. Like the fact that the writing/typing manners of John Hanson matches that of Kelly Patrick.

Then falsifying a message to Israel Police. Nice try but no.

Which was ludicrous, as the Cult were deported in June 2016.

She’s also a practicing solitary witch but yet tries to condemn others in the craft. How do you think all the men of the clergy fall for her “charm”? Next time, use that drug cartel money/tithes to get yourself a better set of tits, you’re horribly aging before our eyes. Also, if you’re going to invest in a wig, don’t go with synthetic hair. We can all tell.

Alan Douglas… The man who always has much to say when he thinks others don’t have up real pictures on their profiles but yet never really shows his face. Is it because you’re really CJ Issac?

I think he is. Why CJ? Why not? As we all know, CJ is the most fanatical of the clergy with Kelly coming in at a close second. Just another soulless ginger trying to earn his entry into heaven.

Just admit it. Alan Douglas NEVER existed. He is just another name that CJ hides behind. Yes, we are well aware that the picture of the obese fellow was in fact some random man from North Carolina, USA that Donnon took a picture of and thought was Douglas.

Why would Russell go to that extreme? Because the congregation knows that they mentally broke him, not like he was mentally whole prior, but the clergy sure finished him off. CJ, we’re on to you.

Samantha Kennedy… She gets so hurt that people point out that she has false teeth. She claims to have lost her teeth due to an abusive relationship. Be honest. You tried to get your girlfriend to join the clergy and you attempted to brainwash her. When she refused, she had to resort to violence to escape. Why not go with that, considering it’s the true story. Another deluded member of the clergy who claims to have “prophetic dreams” about space cubes and shaking boots. She also claims to have studied the Torah. Funny how when the young Jewish fellow, Yonathan, corrected her on her mistakes, she resulted in insulting the young lad by calling him a “schmuck”. Because we know just how lady-like the dyke beast can be. Straight to the insults when she is proven wrong. Such a classy lady.

Michael Harr… A heavy drug user to which he cannot deny. We’ve all seen his videos and if he claims to be sober, I would hate to see him on drugs. Puffy, droopy eyes and cheeks. Not a good look for you, Mikey. Also, let’s point out that the name he uses is false and that he and Victoria aren’t even married. I’m so happy to see that she took our advice and went with skin electrolysis but why the rhinoplasty? Perhaps you should have invested some of that drug money into gastric band surgery and some much needed dental work? Yeah, you definitely should.

Alex Leach… The one who was in on wanting to invade the Baja Sanctuary Mission Impossible style but will try to deny it. He attempted to get Carter Davis to do the raid and Leach is friends with some of the original 650 members of the clergy, the clergymen that are there now are what you can call “The Next Generation”, seeing that most if not all of you are Trekkies. Leach is also a heavy meth head who cannot be trusted but then again, who among the clergy can actually be trusted?Great thing is, Leach remains true to his colors and doesn’t deny this.

Selena Roberts Scott… Selena is an odd one, not like the rest aren’t… But she seems to suffer from some sort of chemical imbalance of the brain or the menopause demon has possessed her and is there to stay. She makes posts on how she wants to see America burn then makes another posts about how love should play a part in the human race for a peaceful existence. She claims to love her family yet she was the one who shunned them when they came to her aid. Selena even stopped taking her medication against doctor’s orders and without her medicine, she unstable at best. If you don’t want to take my word for it, feel free to speak to her family. They will tell you all you need to know. And I see that a juggalo is on her list of friends. If you didn’t know, juggalos/juggalettes, are avid fans of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) who are devout satanists and they don’t deny it. But yet, this woman claims to be a servant of God. Selena Roberts Scott: A deluded, confused hypocrite.

Donnie Chong… Whose real name isn’t Donnie. Yes, he is infatuated with the actor Donnie Yen, whose real name is also not Donnie. Chong speaks down on Americans and yet has Americanised himself to try and fit it. Hmm… Hypocrisy at its best, don’t you think? Tzu Yen Chong is even on LinkedIn under the name of Donnie Chong. If anyone cares to hire a pedophile/rapist, you can log in to your LinkedIn account and read his CV. Don’t raise your hands all at once! Give the other criminals a chance to peruse his profile! It’s unbelievable that the Malaysian authorities haven’t caught up to him yet. Well, I’m sure they will very soon. Or he can end up like his late uncle. He can make that choice for himself.

Richard Ruff… “The Torah Code Expert.” No. Just no. When the young fellow, Yonathan, an actual devout Jew who has studied and still continues to study the true teachings of the Torah, he kindly slapped the faces of the clergy with irrefutable proof that their codes were all wrong. What did the clergy do? As per their usual they resorted to insulting the young fellow. Typical behavior when one points out that they are wrong. Ruff is said to be the incarnation of Moses. Unlike Ruff, Moses was indeed chosen by God. Storms hit Australia and of course his wife, Linda, fell ill due to being obese. Did Lear heal her? No. And when this is all pointed out to him what did he do? Like the mighty man he is, he blocked people. Way to go, Ruff! You are quite the “man”.

There are many clergymen that I would like to get to, including the late David Daniels but I think it’s time that we jump all the way to the top of the list: Raymond Elwood Howard Lear.

Raymond Lear… Also known as Angelus Domini, and you’ve all read his “gospel teachings” and we all have read his backstory prior to him staking claim as the returned Christ. I was even surprised when CJ posted his Department of Corrections ID that shows Lear does indeed have warrants and is considered a delinquent and far worse but he has also publicly shown that his “Lord and savior” is a wanted criminal and con man.

Something that was seen by three people that have been on the ICOLR page asking questions and having reasonable doubts: Evan Nicolas, A young Jewish fellow named Yonathan, and Lee Manning II. Now we have all heard many things about Lear besides the usual kidnapping of his former girlfriend, not wife, Joyce. His ill mother, Ruth, on the verge of death. And that he’s on the run from a drug deal gone bad. Some God, huh? Committing crimes of rape, pedophilia, drug trafficking, kidnapping and who knows what else. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The REAL Christ NEVER committed a crime. These people are known for cherry picking bible verses that suit them and we all know that the clergy doesn’t consider him an actual God. It’s all about the drugs and money. Living the good life without having to work for it. Why Baja, you ask? Considering that Lear is in fact a wanted man in the States, he will NEVER show himself. He needs to stay across the border to continue avoiding imprisonment. Also, the drugs and pedophilia is legal there, prostitution, and the tequila flows freely like a river that never runs dry and we all know that the porn producer loves his tequila and prostitiutes. He loves them so much that they were on the verge of building a brothel and Kelly Patrick was going to run it as Head Whore/Madam/Mistress of The Order of The Magdalene.

Now that Lear is on the lam, who are left in charge? None other than CJ Issac and Kelly Patrick. If you read the credits of all of their ABN videos, those are the names you will mostly and only see. Who out of the entire clergy has the most to say? CJ Isaac and Kelly Patrick. The “Bonnie and Clyde” of the ICOLR. Now you may be wondering how I got to know all this juicy information. Let me enlighten you, I have paid off someone on the inside $25K. Yes, a mole. Who is this mole? I will leave you all to figure that out for yourselves. Watching your tower of lies burn is quite the pleasure. Now go run off and gather up your fellow clergymen so you can try to figure out who amongst you is my mole. I will say this much… That is the best investment I’ve ever made. $25K well spent

Qi Long writing for False Prophets Exposed, 2016