Facebook Guru Alan Douglas / Angelus Domini disappeared from Facebook Sunday 11th December 2016. 

Reported to have been banned from Facebook, earlier in the day Richard Ruff  posted an article stating that governments were taking down profiles and an alternative site was recommended.

Reported in the ICOLR Facebook Group 11th December 2016


A historic Angelus Domini profile was reported to have appeared for minutes but later disappeared.  This is the profile allegedly closed down by the Government back in 2015.

Angelus’ brief appearance Sunday 11th December 2016

By making this BRIEF appearance unequivocally informs YOU that the story peddled by the Ecumenical Order of Christ back in 2015 regarding the Government taking down his profile AGAIN IS to be a complete LIE.  Sunday’s  scheduled live broadcast from Russia was cancelled due to illness.

 However, it was business as usual within the Facebook Church.  The  uneducated bubblegum You Tube videos were uploaded by the Clergy, hideous sermons released with very few viewings and nobody seemed to care that the ‘big man’ was missing, little wonder really, their Facebook Congregation is finished and has been since the cult were deported from Israel in June 2016 (due to a report by a concerned family member that the sect were going to commit suicide cause their Ray of sunshine failed to put in an appearance that was promised)   That and, the recent vocal loss of Cult members whom finally saw  through the web of lies that has been perpetuated and finally, the dwindling congregation and lack of participation.  A staggering 1000 folks have left the Congregation within a month.   The figures don’t lie – these figures EXPOSED have always maintained are false.

Socialblade, an online site that analytically tracks user statistics reports that all the You Tube accounts used by The EOC, (Christhasreturned, Armageddon Broadcast News, Sanctuary Interfaith etc) have little subscribers, and views have too taken a tumble. The Lord RayEL Twitter Account was accessed by Kelly Patrick this week, yes, she was tweeting from the ‘big mans’ account, not that anybody would have taken much notice, as Socialblade reports a decline in followers.   The whole ‘cloud’ concept is just not working for them.

On Thursday 15th an ‘Alan Douglas’ profile did pop up on the Congregations FB page. All posts are screened and vetted by Admin before they are posted so this was rather amusing.  This turned out to be a ‘troll account’

This demonstrates that it was  abundantly clear that Bishop Selena Roberts Scott didn’t have a clue where her master and keeper had fled to.

Archbishop Corey DeFrancesco posted two incredibly ridiculous far reaching stories to BIN (Beforeitsnews), even the normal “troll evasion” refrained from commenting. The infamous Apostolate (AD) also stayed away .. his standard comments have been replaced by the bore of DeFrancesco.

Following a recent attack, yet again on an “exposed team member” by Kelly Patrick and  sock puppet accounts, she appeared to be in a meltdown again.


Raëlian ethics include striving for world peace, sharing, democracy and nonviolence. They are nothing like the Cult of RayEL.
It’s about time that this ‘historic family tree’ should be released. It’s only been 6 years.   The media have not portrayed them whatsoever, too small and pathetic.   Telling …. 0 Members shown in Congregaton

Perhaps she got whiff that the FBI have been notified again of  harassment of X-members, more than likely that is why AD has whimped away.

Moses, posted this:

So, they have migrated to V.K. and trying brainwash a different audience.   Well good luck with that !

Not off to a good Start!


 Facebook is in the process of taking new measures to combat the ever-growing fake news problem that is generated on the platform.   It was / only a matter of time when this group would have been shutdown.    Obviously, the EOC will milk this now and will more than likely add it to their Christ coverup narrative.   That in itself is ludicrous, also suggesting that AD cannot make a profile.

Let’s just face it …. dwindling followers, the whole Israel debacle, the “Team Ruff and Lear no show”- they can dress it up as much as they wish with their whole “Christ coverup” story.   TRUTH is …. he was never the returned Christ in the first instance and EXPOSED have uncovered all the facts associated with such claims.

FACEBOOK says Good Riddance !

False Prophet Exposed

Artwork by James Gray