False Prophets Exposed

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.You will recognize them by their fruits (Matthew 7/15-16)

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Enlil is upsurped by Enki 

Richard Ruff who believes himself to be ‘Moses’ is now the God Enki all revealed in a recent Torah Code that he manufactured.

Raymond Elwood Howard Lear (Lord RayEL) announced to the ‘world’ via Twitter and You Tube he was the Returned Christ back in 2011 following a series of events (foretellings) of a sign on the moon of Mary and Jesus in India and the fake UFO Footage in Israel.   This came off the back of his other failed attempt at playing god from 2007-2011.  Nobody has seen RayEL throughout his pathetic 6 years playing god, apart from his online alter ego Angelus Domini/Alan Douglas whom too hasn’t shown his face.


Houdini Lord RayEL’s alter ego Angelus Domini disappeared from social media platforms on 13 December, since that date the EXPOSED team have observed statements regarding crackdowns on fake news as an excuse for him being expelled.  It is the opinion of the EXPOSED team that Lear has finally done a runner.  This mimics that of his former cult and attempt at playing god 2007-2011.

Not two years ago, Richard Ruff announced he was Moses!

2016 was rather a tough year for RayEL.  The deluded clergy listened to Ruff’s and his failed prophecies and many of them sold their belongings, upped sticks and entered Israel paid for by tithes and donations from their sponsors and congregation.   The Cult was gathered in Israel for Purim as the Torah Codes produced by Richard Ruff prophesisesd that RayEL would be acknowledged as King, The Messiah.   Neither Lear or Ruff arrived in Israel, and the cult where reported to Israeli Authorities by a concerned family member, as it was reported that they were going to commit mass suicide.  They were eventually deported back to their countries of origin.

Going forward, the cult have twisted this story, creating a narrative that it is a  ‘Christ Cover Up’ which is nonsense as both Cult leaders Ruff and Lear hung them out to dry.   The Cult is finished, their online congregation dwindles as too does their online presence. Since AD’s departure the Cult has been out of sorts.   Cardinal (now) Sammy Kennedy has had a couple of visions, Deacon Mikey Harr announced he was an apostle, CJ is mumbling and grumbling in Russia and now ‘Ruff’ has stepped up to the mark and announced he is Enki handing out a number of promotions shortly thereafter.  One, may ask why Enki? well, Raymond Lear (RayEL) is a annunaki half breed.  Human in body, but carries the annunaki spirit/soul and speaks with a bad ‘carry on’ english accent which is supposed to be King Arthur.   He being ENLIL has caused all the natural disasters since 2011, as nations and the population of Earth have not acknowledged him as the Returned Christ.

According to the cult their fleet is in Orbit above Earth waiting for the perfect time, to scoop them up all and whisk them away to the New Kingdom. (It’s a pity they didn’t scoop them up when they got into trouble in Israel).

Notice Ruffs photo alongside that of Rayel on the Torah Code

Enki is Ruff Torah Code   Now that AD/Lear has disappeared the Crew need a new diety.    Richard Ruff / Moses as the God Enki.

Richard is clearly asserting his leadership hence has just declared old ma Scott as mother Selena, personally shes more like old Mother Hubbard but there you go.


EXPOSED have discussed this before, the giving of titles.  Historically, an announcement  of such is usually made to stiffer dissent and often after an internal meltdown.

Shortly after the suicide of David Daniels, Ruff was named Moses and was requesting donations so he could travel to Baja, Mexico from Australia.

During September 2015,  RayEL (torah code) was supposed to have been named the Messiah by the Jews, this didn’t come to fruition and shortly thereafter,  Samantha Kennedy was announced as John The Apostle.

This is a control mechanism being switched on again.

ENKI thanking the depleted congregation for donations.


So let’s take a look at their Sumerian Story.

Plagiarised Sitchin Story with a couple of twists


Enki created the slaves (humankind) to be part Annunki.   He wanted to create a kingdom on Earth for himself, with obedient slaves.


Lord RayEL Is half Annunaki / half human

Lord RayEL / Annunaki Ray’s last reincarnation on Earth was as King Arthur, before that Jesus Christ


The Annunaki are somewhat like humanity.


Black people are part Annunaki.  Enki wanted to keep black people as slaves

So unfortunately,  2017 brings forth another chapter in this horrid affair.   Neither RayEL or his Clergy can enter Israel, they cannot manage to convince world leaders, the Church or the Rabbis that he is the Returned Christ.   RAYEL is finished!, but the cult still has to keep up the persona, so they have reinvented themselves with Richard Ruff being Enki, Lord of Earth.

Twiggy & Linda, 2016





8 thoughts on “Enlil is upsurped by Enki 

  1. That is some amazing stuff they said, thank you for posting it. Now I see why so many follow them instead of you.

    BTW you’ve been saying “RAYEL is finished!” for 6 years now, but their numbers are growing on facebook while apparently I’m the only person whose read this blog in a long time. Noticed almost nobody watching your videos too. Does that mean you want us to believe that all Rayels followers are fake, and all yours are just invisible?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Giggles at your comment.

      The International Congregation of Lord RayEL (FAIL) has some congregation online. 🙂 You have such a HUGE following that you only managed to scrape together a measley 7 to follow you over to your new social media platform and 3 are those are fake troll accounts. hmmm fail. I haven’t said RayEL is finished for the last 6 years, I am saying it now. Especially, after the Israel debacle and him going AWOL. As for the congregation and the thousands of followers, I can count yet again, congregational participation on one hand this week. Most of the folks whom are in the congregation are in there for a giggle and laughs. The constant posting of the bubblegum you tube videos is a pure delight in entertainment, yeah they are really worth those TITHES on a sunday. As for this blog, videos and whatever …. its out there on the Cloud and folks can form their own opinions. Thank you for visiting 🙂


    2. Alreet fucko did u watch us go live last night has rayel gone live yet hows the tithes this week iam gonna fuck em up every week hows kelly she had a tummy tuck yet hows lollypops he still makim daddy videos

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It would appear Demon that they are running out of unique email addresses – traced ip to Baja California . Hello Raytard 🙂 – How’s the whole Ray is Jesus going for you LOL


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