Fact or Fiction channel takes a look at two latest videos uploaded by the Channel Chris Potter whom promotes Nibiru Fear Porn.

Part 1 looks at the claim from his video entitled ‘Chris Potter 1/28/17 – Incredible UFO Video 2 Sources – Flying Moon Machines’ that UFO’s had been captured on film’.  

(24th March 2017 – Mexico) In actual fact, the object captured is an aeroplane.  How do we know this?  Fact or Fiction with the help of the Facebook Group V.O.R.T.E.X  checked various webcams and also flight records.


J. Thorpe of V.O.R.T.EX. found the webcam and the location.  It is thought, that the aircraft took off from Tlaxcala airport and was climbing.


Looking at the flight radar,  adjusting the time from CST to UDT, makes a 6 hour difference so 24-01-17 at 18:47 CST is actually 25-01-17 at 00:47 and was VIV3147 landing approach to Mexico City and flying the flight path shown in the video.

Potter also shows lights from a web cam in Australia, again showing UFOs.  (The actual date we can see here is 2016).   An airfield is in close proximity and the first light shown is an Aeroplane.

What causes this?   Its the exposure time on the camera.   A lovely link is given below, which explains this in detail.   You may recall, this happened a few years ago with the supposed Chinese UFO a few years ago that turned out to be a helicopter…

What also should be taken into consideration when looking at this second bit of footage, is that in close proximity there is the Lakeside International Motor Racing Circuit. So the second lights shown are probably not planes, but reflections of head lights or some festival lamps released during the racing. Helicopters also take off and land here.

Part 2 Fact or Fiction have looked at the video uploaded by Potter entitled ‘Chris Potter 1/28/17 – Venus is straight-up green & a super-cool star video!’

For all those folks whom have been following Nibiru for the past couple of years, we have seen this lots of times, being rehashed multiple times – what is being shown is out of focus images of Stars.

Obviously, the likes of these fear mongering channels are running out of stock and ideas, so they are recycling old nonsense for money and notoriety.

Fact or Fiction, 2017

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