Live hangout by Fact or Fiction You Tube Channel with Astronomy Live discussing topics such as, Is Venus a Comet; the Incoming Asteroid 2017 BS 32 on 16th February as well as the recent ridiculous claim made by Fear Monger You Tuber Chris Potter’s  comedic ‘Physicist’ regarding the Sun Jolting during January 2017 caused by a ‘Cosmic Wave’ or some ‘Nibiru mythical planet’ within our Solar System.

That was not the case, and if this so called ‘physicist’ or Chris Potter did their homework, rather than make outrageous claims, they would of learnt that the SDO was scheduled to carry out The EVE Cruciform calibration maneuver on Wednesday 1st February at 1700 UCT (noon ET).  Furthermore, a HMI Roll on January 25, 2017, at 1500 UTC (10:00 a.m. ET).  It should be noted here, that this so called ‘physicist’ also works with the fear porn YouTube channel WSO.

Nibiru – Fact or Fiction Space Talk with Astronomy Live

Link to SDO is GO BlogSpot which discusses the recent January 2017 Manoeuvres

Link to the position of the SDO camera

Screen Shot Asteroid 2017 BS32

Fabulous discussion regarding the Asteroid 2017 BS32 and its close approach to Earth WHICH IS NOT A THREAT.

Astronomy Live discusses with Tony Matthews of Fact or Fiction the Two Stars which are reported to be on a Crash Course and will Explode as a Red Nova in 2022.  If astronomer Larry Molnar is right, sometime around 2022 a spectacular explosion that occurred 1,800 years ago will burn bright as a new star in the constellation Cygnus, the world’s first nova forecast. 

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Is Venus is a Comet?

Little discussion on why folks think that Venus may be a comet.   IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY – In 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky unleashed an international controversy with the publication of his book Worlds in Collision.

Observations from NASA’s Pioneer Venus orbiter, which reached Venus in 1978, suggested that Venus’s ionosphere had two states: a magnetized state with a large- scale horizontal magnetic field and an unmagnetized state with no large-scale magnetic field but with numerous small-scale thin magnetic structures known as flux ropes. Venus’s ionosphere was observed to be in the unmagnetized state most of the time, but strong solar wind pressure shifted it to the magnetized state.

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