By Nemesis Flower 🌺

The friendly face of the Cult Ecumenical Order of Christ.  

What concerns me now with this Cult is they are always reinventing themselves and are roping in new people. The new ones may or may not get to have the full measure of what the EOC is about in their own good time but before they find out and awake from this cult they could have donated much of their hard earned money or given up their lifestyle, including friends and family.  

Priestess Judith Alexis Marie the new star of the ABN so called “News” Network. No surprise with her “sincere” and “honest” demeanor and pleasant presentation that she has also taken over from little Willie Scoggins in the request for donations at the end of their doom laden ABN videos. Obviously little Willie wasn’t pulling in the dosh, and who wouldn’t trust the word of this sweet faced darling of the EOC. Well the fact is I wouldn’t trust a word that this little lady is saying. Notice at the bottom of the screenshot the

The sanctuaryisrael website is still available if you google it, you will see it still advertises their mission to Israel even though as we all know, the clergy of the EOC were kicked out of that country in June  last year (2016) and are no longer in any position to be doing “charitable” works in that country. Yet Judith is quite happy to play along here as if such a thing never happened even though she was one of those deported from Israel. The fact is this cult will do or say anything to get your donations and this innocent looking charlatan is no exception. I think another cult from another time termed this sort of thing “flirty fishing”. nothing pulls the punters in like a sweet smile and friendly manner.

Well Judith I will not be donating to your “worthy” cause anytime soon.

Nemesisflower 🌺