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No Love Is Forbidden says Senior Deacon Jean Viete of the Ecumenical Order Of Christ , International Congregation Of Lord Rayel. To understand fully exactly what that statement means you need to read the Gospel of Angelus Domini ,which can be found online via Amazon or In the files section of their Facebook Congregation page.  

images.jpegMake no mistake, what is contained in this twisted gospel is the doctrine fully accepted and endorsed by the clergy Kelly Patrick, Richard Ruff (now Claims to be Enki and Moses) Clark Isaac, Joe Monte, Samantha Kennedy and the rest of this band of cult followers. This gospel is grim reading and covers the subject of their acceptance and endorsement in the subject of Incest, Promiscuity, Child sex and Prositution. I will post the relavent pages from this ‘Gospel’ so you can make up your own minds on this subject, don’t take my word as I am merely a ‘Troll’ after all.

Gospel of Angelus Domini Child Sex






So after reading this Gospel, it’s really hard to contemplate the actual doctrine of this hideous Cult.   Abuse is still rife in religion. Earlier this year, the Methodist Church of Britain released an “unreserved apology” for failing to protect children and adults, following a report that uncovered 1,885 alleged incidents of abuse in the Church dating back to the 1950s and here we have documented evidence that states that pleasuring children is fine if they CONSENT ! 

This document also shines rather a bright light on the hideous ideology that ALL Clergy members share on the topic of Child Sex.  
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