Did you fall for it, hook line and sinker?


Sorry, but I’m just totally giggly over this one.   This is just too funny and is a great exposure of a recent You Tube video uploaded by  Fact or Fiction exposing the clown Chris Potter who claims that the sun is dimming.

Chris Potter Sun Darkens – hahaha SDO Eclipse by Fact or Fiction

You Tube Fear Mongerer Chris Potter’s uneducated video
By dramatising his own thinking on the channel, by revealing the basis of his judgment and letting you glimpse the mechanisms by which these are exercised he states …

“I have overwhelming evidence that the sun is going dark again”.   

I had to laugh.

After which he continued to Helioviewer pulling the date of 14th February showing the TIMELAPSE darkening and quotes from his scientific source, a bumbling idiot who claims to be a physicist shared by the Jesters of You Tube Steve Olson and Jeff P of the You Tube Channel WSO.

Physicist Thoughts
More largely, and ultimately more importantly, what is hilariously funny is that if this You Tube ‘jerkoff’ had simply done his homework, he would have discovered that the Sun was eclipsed by the very equipment that takes most fabulous pictures daily.   I also must point out that this was partial eclipse was predicted by Astronomy Live on 6th February.

Solar Dynamic Observatory, a sun observing NASA spacecraft in a 35000 Km high geosynchronous orbit around earth (inclined 28.6 degrees) Image courtesy of Ravi Jagtiani

Eclipse season has begun with our planet (and sometimes our moon) momentarily blocking the spacecraft’s view of the sun every day for a period of weeks. Image courtesy of Ravi Jagtiani

Image courtesy of Ravi Jagtiani
This is a slowed down giphy file.  https://giphy.com/gifs/3o6Ygm3kKIoNfM7fQ4/html5 of the eclipse.

Spaceweather.com also reported on this 16th February

EARTH ECLIPSES THE SUN: On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory witnessed an eclipse of the sun — by our very own planet. Earth passed directly between the spacecraft and the solar disk, producing a near-total blackout”.  

Link.   http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=14&month=02&year=2017

Again … this begs the question of the identity of the silly physicist whom is feeding such blatant disinformation to both WSO and Potter ! Without a shadow of a doubt,  they are either being truly scammed by this uneducated individual, or they are in on it !
Click bait articles followed by click bait you tube videos.   Remember, disinformation KILLS.

Update … 18th February.  

After being exposed for the fraud he is.  Chris Potter then  made another video, after the expose by Fact or Fictions and the blogger.   The video (monetised) was a correction video talking about alternate explanations from their non existent physicist.

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