Nibiru Toxicity by Twiggie

This video is a compilation of threats levied at Astronomy Live showcased by the Nibiru Planet X 2016 you tube channel.   A video entitled “Live Stream” with Chris Potter… The Big Fraud Astronomy Live”. 

Nibiru channels they only allow people who speak the party’s line to be seen in their comments. Scott C’one often deletes his and well, Potter does not allow comments, both actions speak volumes!  Apparently, anyone with a differing opinion is threatened, insulted and worst of all the Nibiru channel owner will encourage his followers to attack the dissenter. – We see this behaviour within the video.   We are not talking a couple of followers here, these channels have thousands of subscribers.   Only allowing one point of view is exactly what you would expect from the elite.  Their heavy handed tactics are the same as fascist governments everywhere. 

Think about it … If the Nibiru channels are in fact speaking the truth they would not feel so threatened by people asking rational questions.  Their responses speak louder than any words that these channels do notin fact speak truth.  Rather these channels have cobbled together bits and pieces of ancient myths, misinterpretations and defunct scientific theories to create an atomosphere of fear and now have a ‘theoretical particle physicist’ to apparently make them more legitimate.

To put this into context, a recent interview between Scott C’one of the Nibru Planet X 2016 and Astronomy Live hosted by the You Tube Channel The Leak Project.   Within that interview, the Physicist which is being used by You Tube Fear Channels WSO and Chris Potter was mentioned.   There has been several occurrences over the last couple of months where both Potter and Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016 have presented FACTs to support their claim that a Brown Dwarf is within our Solar System which have been fairly debunked / explained and this was discussed during the interview.   The snippet of the ‘so called clip where Astronomy Live was supposed to have verbally assaulted Chris Potter is also showcased in this exposure video.   You will plainly see, that this interaction did not occur, furthermore, that Astronomy Live debunked the Physicist claims and also the outrageous claims offered by Scott C’one as to a Brown Dwarf being in our Solar System. 

The writer of this blog, has also researched claims made these two You Tube Channels and found them to be false.   Links to the blogs and evidence is presented below.

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At the time of upload, I have been threatened by Scott C’one of Nibiru Planet X 2016 to remove the video. (Copyright), within 12 hours.   I would urge everybody to mirror this to their channels, these two You Tube clowns cannot go around threatening folks for their educated opinions.