March 2017.   Announced in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL on Facebook Prime Cleric and “Torah Code” expert Richard  Ruff confirmed what the Exposed team had been told by an ‘insider’ that he is leaving!

The announcement included a fudged Torah Code stating that this was a noble act.   Exactly a year ago, Ruff was producing code after code; giving instructions for all and sundry to give up their lives for the Returned Christ and False Prophet Raymond Lear (RayEL) and travel to Israel, where he was going to make an appearance to be confirmed as the Messiah during Purim.   Obviously, that never happened, Lear is unable to travel abroad due to his outstanding warrants as he’s wanted in the USA and Richard Ruff didn’t turn up either, even though he was collecting donations for the trip.  In fact, he changed his shift (job) in Australia when he was supposed to have sold up and relocated.   The whole scheme was a farce, and the weak minded fell for the scam, hook line and sinker.   The ones that did relocate, left their jobs, accommodation, family and friends.  A fools errand that resulted in them being deported by Israeli authorities in June 2016 (overstaying their visas).

It was the start of the downward spiral for the Cult of RayEL.  

During November 2016 the New Zealand faction of the cult disassociated themselves, a high ranking Archbishop stating that RayEL was Ba’al and not the Messiah. December 2016 was the pinnacle, with the disappearance of RayEL’s right hand man – The bloke who is known as the Imperial Regent Alan Douglas / Angelus Domini (AD).  

The mood within the group is pathetically sour, hardly surprising really as the heart was ripped out of the Cult with the no-shows from Lear and Ruff last year.  Oh how, they were duped.   However, the clergy still continue with the  insessant posts for lack of tithes and fake news which has contributed to the dwindling flock and lack of support.   Richard Ruff’s aka Moses who earlier in the year announced that he was a GOD (Enki, who is Lord of Earth) is now leaving.

Its just too funny seeing that Ruff has to justify his sabbatical by placing his logo several times in his Torah Codes which we have been told by scholars are fudged (Glazerson, Matthews-Wright and Daniels).

Remember this isn’t the first time that Richard Ruff has been associated with a Religious Cult, before Ra-el he was in The Cult MMM, operated out of Australia. False Prophets Exposed wonder which Cult he is going to infiltrate next!!!!!

This is truly the end of this Cult!