Thank you for agreeing to do an Interview with the David Johnson and I, we will ask you questions and if you do not wish to answer any, just say pass.


Twig.  What’s your name? 

Don Scott, you should know if you ask I will tell you, it’s a kind of a rule of mine. 

David.  Don pal what made you become clergy?

I was there to spy.

 David.  Who by? 

Alot of bullshit was being sent to myself and other brothers. 

David.  Brothers? 

Kawartha Council, Masonic Lodge 143.  They wished to have their clergy recognised but we could not do so on the grounds on which they tried.  

Twig.  Who was sending messages to the Lodge? 

They started sending things to us and we tried to get in contact to try and show them the right channels to take, but they are very stupid people.   A number of Clergy sent things over a period of time.  

Twig.  Where did your first hear about Raymond Lear being Lord RayEL ? 

They claimed to have Christ and sent the video of Christ Returned but of  course we knew it was a lie, but it started a big movement.   

David.  In what way?

From leading people away from the truth.  RayEL is is only one of many who have tried this same thing my friends, this is nothing new.  

David.  Did you have to pay to be in the Clergy? 

 Never did.  I was an early member and I was trusted because who I am.  

David.  Where you ever asked whether you would die for Raymond Lear (RayEL) and did they ever pay you, if you don’t mind me asking?  

Never asked me.  I was more of a hero to them I think until  I tried to show them what they needed to do then I was not liked.  They all have control problems.  

Our lodge says they would not accept RayEL.  He was never a Lodge Member.  He would have been killed long ago for such treason as he claims there is no place on earth to hide from Masonic Lodge  members.  

David.   So he pissed a few of then pal?

To put it lightly there is one hundred and fifty thousand people im my town, eighty thousand are members.  

Twig.  So you went undercover to spy?

No I made myself known.  They knew.  

Twig.  And they didn’t kick you out? 

They said because we will not see him as Christ, he will not take us home.  But it doesn’t work like that. 

Twig.  Well we know that he isn’t the Returned Christ.  So how does it work ?

They are out of the loop and are trading slaves.   They are trying to establish something better but have failed.  Now they just keep taking money and moving towords evil shit, trying to bring about demons and things.  

Twig.  So, as you were a member from the outset, could you cast your mind back please to the structure of the Ecumenical Order of Christ and tell us please who was who (hierachal)

 If you ask you will receive,  you think thats the bible, you don’t know much at all.   Richard Ruff, Clark Isaac, Kelly Patrick, Joe Monte as well as Tom were some of the first to jump on board.  These guys have always been there and Donnie Chong.  They are pulling the strings.  

Twig.  What was your position? 

I was a Deacon to viewers but they tried to pump me for information,  but it never worked because they would have had to report to me to continue.  They were never really looking to be honest with their members and tell the truth.  

That’s where it laid the problem for us.  All brothers / sisters are same level.  We asked they come clean tell truth.

Twig.  But the EOC do not tell the truth.   What information did they want from you?

They said Christ RayEl  had given up on the  Masonic Lodges and we are all taking from the book of life lmfaoo woooooo !  Pretty funny.  They came to us and then made up lies about us when it didn’t suit their agenda. They can never be a real clergy.   To be recognised,  you need two things;   The Lodge and Rabbis approval.   But to have one you need the other because they are the same.  

Every Rabbi is a brother.  No mistaking it friends, no way around it almost every Jew in the world that is truth.  They are founding members, the ones that started the Lodges 3600 years ago.  Look it up, it’s public  knowledge. 


Kawartga Council transcripts given by Don Scott during interview

That will show what we are if you read it.  And I believe it will tell you how it works for your questions when talking with a member.   It proves I am who I say I am.   I know what I can an cannot so Twig trust me I will not be stupid.  What I am showing you is public already.  The only secret is the names of members and what really happens behind the closed doors of course. 

David.  Has Richard Ruff  tried to be a Mason? 

Richard Ruff was a Military whistleblower. You think he’d live through the membership. He was never really a member.   

 David.    So Ruff’s a grass. Do you know what his role was in the Army ? 

 He paid his dues and tried to go public and was never allowed in.    Ruff is so old David, his role in the Army doesn’t mean crap. Think about it he’s a think code-breaker for white people. 

David.  Why doesn’t Linda Ruff believe in this con about Raymond Lear (RayEl), I mean she can’t be happy or isn’t she bothered that Ruff is conning people? 

 She was a believer at one time.  But then she saw what was going on.  That all changed for Ruff’s wife when Joseph Willcot went down to Baja, Mexico with his family.  After that she was out.   

 David.  So now she just likes the tithes for hoildays?

 She stays out cause they are on the payroll.  That’s right David.  

 Twig. Whistleblower? 

 Ya Richard Ruff has been leaking information he has no right to.  It’s why he fled his home. What army was he in people? Where is he hiding out right now and why do think that is? 

Twig. Honestly, we don’t know.   We’ve noticed he worked for the UN and so did Kelly Patrick.  

Ruff’s background is Australian Army right. Why was he in Baja? Being a trader to his own people, what else is there Twig.  There’s so much crap that it’s not going to be easy to figure out in a single interview with the Don your talking to.   Five years here right everyday. I’m  sure there’s a ton of things even I missed out.  

Twig.  So you are saying that he’s trading secrets and ilk with the Mexican Cartels? 

Half of the members are high on drugs all the time.  

Twig.  Yes we have noticed that.  

Um I’m saying he was in Baja, Mexico because I see he’s leaving, going to jail from what I have been told.  

Twig.  Ruffs going to jail? 

He’s never going to Israel. It’s a scam. He’ll send others and post himself in the pics. You better start paying attention or this is pointless. Ruff will never leave Baja he’s a wanted man plain and simple. He’s wanted by his own Government.   He is a big part of running the show because he has a Camp of Raytards,  hundreds of them on his Farm. He is in this until the end, he’s a main guy if it was the mob. They are all much more crazy than anyone you have ever met. The hole fucking team is nuts man, but you know that. Tell me what you are looking for info wise.  

Twig.  Tell us more about this camp? 

 The real number I do not know but Alena said hundreds of people.  She didn’t get chance to see the whole place only intake area.  

 Twig. Alena? 

 Alena Willcot she may speak, same with Joes wife if he allows.

If its closing them down that’s about to happen anyways you dont have to worry. That plan is in motion.  

 Twig. Are you the man?

I’m only a man.  

Twig.   I was given a message by “the man” saying the same thing you have just said.  

David.  Do they know were Raymond Lear (RayEL) is. Are there any other clergy whose going against them? 

 Yes. There are many of us working hard to take them down, yes.  

Twig.  Masons ? 

It’s  been that way over a year now. They have made enemies with the wrong people.  

Twig. On your side of pond or internationally ?

 We really went to bat for them. I, myself had to go to Scotland and now alot of people are upset with their games and lies. It has very well got them all in big big trouble now because people are very pissed off.   I cannot tell you that, I’m sure you understand your very smart girl Twig.  

Twig. Scotland?

 It is the oldest place in the world. For us it is where all matters go to be dicided upon. The masters, they have the last word.  

Twig.   And they have. Tell us more about these blood sacrifices?  

Yes they have. It’s to bring about the demons or if they kill enough they might please the big guy himself and gain powers others don’t have. They are crazy it will never happen. The demons are already working on killing them from with in lol.  

David. So your saying they as good as dead anyway pal? 

The stuff they think they know are all wrong they have not a clue. 

David.  Is Raymond Lear (Rayels) mum involved ? 

They really are guys. You can go around the world and what they have done. If you google earth RayEL it goes to Temple Mound. Did you know that ?

Twig. No 

Lol thought that was funny stuff right there. 

Twig. Kelly Patrick, we understand that she was a priestess with OTO,  possibly they have being using magicks to bring forth the demons you speak about?  

I know my brothers see Kelly and Franks as a gateway of sorts. We even tried to have an interview with them but they were too scared. Something other members said scared them away and I was a demon for a few weeks lol.  

 Twig Franks? 

Jaymian Franks. Ray is the fat guy on the horse.  He is never apart of what is said, the others speak for him you see, so they can’t go after Raymond.  Richard Ruff will be the one to take the fall and the people out there in Baja.  They believe they are safe because they are hiding behind law of religion and Baja.  

 Twig.  Not the laws of God though. They are damned.

They claim Ray is hidden away but he is in Baja I believe.  

David.  Well his IP addresses all point to that.   We have three verifications from different points. Perhaps these are the sanctuaries you have mentioned?

They are going to the deepest part of hell I believe. 

 Twig.  Do they know of their fate by your brothers ?

 David.  This is Ray right? 


That’s ray right. Ya thats the guy I’m pretty sure but then they gave him hair and some air brushing and raymond became RayEL with his fake British accent, Clark Isaac does the accent for, by the way.

Twig. So Clark Isaac does Ray’s voice in the You Tube Videos, how do you know ?

It was a big thing back in 2011 when I first joined he did the best British voice so he read the script. Clark. Yeah.

Twig. Honestly? Why was this.


David. The person who does rays voice sounds like a faggot.

Twig. We were contacted about six months ago by a gentleman who’d been investigating Ray for four years. He told us that Ray was out. That “Ray” was now Angelus Domini and had been for quite a long-time. What would you say to this?

That’s true.

Twig.  So the clergy know this, So really the criminals and the folks that your Masons are going to hit is Alan Douglas?

What they are doing now is a bigger deal than before let’s just say that. The ones left are mental in my opinion and should be locked up. They refuse to let it go I think.  The moneys been good to them ya know.

Twig. I bet it has. But as you intimate “Ray” has been off the scene for awhile.  The next guy had to step up.

David. So how do they get the money though, it cant be just by tithes?

I think its an outside source of money.  Know there are no more videos,  They are changing things up,  trying to write their own words over top of other word.  It’s funny how dumb people are.  Almost make me sick.

Twig. Yes the “clergy” have deleted all mention of RayEL From their Sanctuary website.

If half of them just stopped to think for themseves they could see what a bunch of pot head doush bags the clergy is.  But they are all so dumb.

David. Yeah but they are on the payroll pal so they want to try and keep it going.

I mean Richard Ruff is Moses.  Look at this pic we found from an old move 2000 year after he lived they look a like its proof lmfao.  Sammy is John. lmao.  I don’t know how they still get followers with all the bullshit going on that high up in clergy all the greed and liking even to each other

David. Do you reckon they will go to Israel?

They are not going anywhere.

David. Yeah we know.  Whose protecting Raymond Lear (RayEL), is it his mum, is she there or near?

Last I was understanding they are not sure what will happen when they just shut down.  I am  guessing they are scared people and might do some crazy shit,  the way they have. Come looking for founders and crap right.

David. Yeah so what do you know of the ten murders pal?

Only what I have said. I think it was 16 people.  One of them being a victim each time I know.  Kelly would have been there each time,  most likly Ruff and the crew from Baja.   Any one posting in white living in Baja.  The white was to show there sins are forgiven right.
(Clothed in white pictures)


David. So Clark Isaac, Adam Muema and Joe Monte etc?.

Yea for sure David.  They do wear the white to hide there guilt.  Started to be a bad thing after the first killing, and then it was said that Clergy should all wear white.

Twig.  Where  were these sacrifices discussed Don?

We all used to do a skype meeting in the beginning. Video chat.

David.   Yeah what was said on them pal?

Lots of things. Always how to get the attention of the followers mostly.

Twig. When was the first murder.

I don’t have that information anymore I’m sorry Twig, I wish I did.  They were found dead. Baja posted it on papers.

David. But we heard an account, it’s even on You Tube.   Donnon Russell interviewed  Alex Leach who spoke of a murder. 

Public info.

Twig. Some of these murders, you mentioned before,  had been investigated?

Everytime they kill someone they claimed it in the name of RayEL and had each person sign a waiver.  So if they died, the others could not be held responsible

Twig. Who were these folks?

It’s as easy as this,  when doing dangerous things,  you ever go on a ride and have to sign on. Same idea. They will never be held acountable by law.

David. That’s bad.

Like I  heard,  don’t know if this is true,  but I heard that each one made a video saying they are going into this knowing their life was in danger.

David. Who the clergy or the people who died?

The people that died.

David. That’s bad.  Do you recall anythin about David Daniels, specifically, what any of the clergy may of said?

Not really no.

David.   What has been said about ex-clergy members speaking to us?

They will ban anyone seen on your Exposed Facebook page, my thinking is add as many as possible during the night when there off.

Twig. Daniel Laporte, was he one of the murders?

I was not the one investagating the murders. I remember a Daniel not his last name though.

Twig. Can I add Donnon Russell into this interview as he knows about Daniel Laporte.

Yes, sure.

Twig.   Was Laporte a member then?

If killed in that way he was a follower. He probably was one of the people they doped up on the farm.

Twig. Have you informed your lodge of these atrocities?

The sad part is most the people can’t see they are being lied to.   If not, these people are dumb or just craving God so much they are willing to believe anything.  Of course all findings returned.

David.  What about Samantha Kennedy and Thomas Cavin? 

Cavin is a lifer. Gets paid a lot of money.

David. Do you know how much ? 

Only Lord RayEL knows that lol.

Donnon. You know I’ve had my life threatened by Raymond Lear / Angelus Domini quite a few times. He never could follow through on anything he said though.

They never tried to threaten me.  Once they kept asking me to leave but never tried to threaten me.   I heard  alot of stories of this though.

Twig.  Don, what type of farms are these;  you mentioned doped – can you elaborate please?

I would not doubt  it if they were Cartel affiliated drug farms.

It’s what they call Sanctuary.  This is where all the members came to ride out End-times in the beginning.   They called members to Baja and I guess it brought a lot of crazys along that sold their homes to go and give them their money.  After awhile people coming to that places payed for it to be open to anyone, but I think there were too many coming in the end,  too many smarter people showed up and saw what was going on.   The story, Baja team was that the crasher ones had to be medicated.

David.    Thank you for agreeing to this interview.  

Twig.   Yes, thank you.  


Links courtesy of Donnon Russell 

Daniel LaPorte back in 2009 in Rosarito.

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