Bible prophecy describes a focused global connection between deluded human rulers of the world, and the deceptive spiritual enemies of God. The book of Revelation describes Satan, the Devil (aka Lucifer – appearing as an “angel of light”), being “cast into the earth with his angels”, to deceive the leaders and kings of the earth, who will voluntarily “give their power” to Antichrist for a time, supported by his “false prophet”

Raymond Howard-Lear known as The Returned Christ ‘Lord RayEL, RA-EL ‘ according to his small online Facebook cult is a man of impeccable moral standing, honest and righteous.  So it’s really interesting, when we find juicy FACTS to expose which shatters this illusion.

Top Shelf Girls …Young girls presently in the Escort business ‘moonlighting and at a cheaper rate’. Value for money.


Advertisements for escort agencies often carefully skirt the legal line, and avoid specifically offering prostitution or sexual services.

In 2003, one year after Ray ‘The Angel’ ran for Governor and subsequently lost.only managing to obtain 1079 votes.

He registered his Escort website in August, play4pay Escorts.  I’d like to reiterate here the words of the Ecumenical Order of Christ ….

“The people of Illinois saw him as the only incorruptible man alive, brave enough to fight against governmental corruption, so they pushed for him to run for Governor”

I very much doubt that the above statement holds any truth as is quite clear that the EOC’s moral Compass is somewhat way off.   Not only have we disclosed that he was asking for millions of dollars to invest in online casinos and poker tournaments, but also his involvement as a director of a smutty magazine, and requests for pornography.

So really this is just the icing on the cake, former Guardian Angel, failed politician Raymond Lear was a ‘Pimp’.    The Escort Business is not only SINFUL, but also dangerous.  An Escort can just be a fancy word for a prostitute or  prostitution and their ‘handlers’ are pimps and sex offenders and often have forced these girls into a career of debaunchery.    Notwithstanding, it is one of the oldest professions and some women actually enjoy and make a healthy living out of it.  But, often girls come from broken homes and have suffered from sexual, emotional or physical abuse most notably in their childhood.    Many too have drug dependicies and the whole experience is reported to be demeaning, one of exploitation and hardship.

This blog targets specifically Raymond Lear. HIS motivation of BEING the ‘pimp‘ is simple: money, power, control and women and the main things we know Raymond Lear enjoys is Risk, Power and Money. as you can see from the screen capture was set up 3 August 2003.

Following the recent Panama revelations it also can be seen from the above raw data that Raymond Lear could also be one of the involved parties.

Play4pay Escorts was part of a Group of Companies called The Lear Group which ran alongside other online gambling and pornography sites.
 The website was re-registered in 2012.

The Email was used in 1999 See Masonic Request for Business Partner below in links.  This request was looking for a financier to fund an online Gambling Internet Casino.

The address is the same listed on Court Documents State of Indiana v Lear, 2006 and that on his campaign website of 2002.

Articles relating to his imprisonment can been found here.   Lord RayEL – Man Jailed Again for Kidnap Try – False Prophets Exposed

Ray was the ‘Ray’ The Angel Political Campaign Website used in 2002.

One thing is certain, God is tired of his people being mistreated… misused… abused…he would certainly not send back Raymond Elwood Howard Lear to be the Son  Of God.

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

John: 1: 7

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Many thanks to researchers David Johnson, Donnon Russell, James Ackerson and Marzena Baker.  

Twiggie Truth, False Prophets Exposed, 2016